Sinus odour/infection.

roypApril 25, 2009

I have a constant odour in my right-hand sinus with associated bad taste; my normal smell and taste of food etc is not effected.

It is a bitter taste/smell not very pleasant, although IÂm getting used to it, but some days it seems worse than others.

It started over 18 months ago and my GP prescribed various antibiotics and nasal sprays all to no effect. I was then sent to the hospital and the consultant tried more powerful antibiotics, still with no positive results so I then had a CT scan, which showed an infection deep in the sinus near to the nerve from the eye.

Therefore surgery took place to open up the airways by removing some bone and they scraped away as much of the infection as possible, the idea being that the extra passage of air would heal the remaining infection.

Eight months later there has been no real improvement, I still have this odour and horrible taste, if I only breathe through the LH side there is no smell, so it definitely comes from the right sinus.

At my last visit to the hospital in February I was told that there was no more help that they could offer and that I would just have to live with it, which is a bit depressing.

Can anyone suggest any help for this condition?

I do take ÂSimvastatin and ÂMicardis Plus daily, but as far as IÂm aware they are not the cause.

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Try a Neti Pot. You can probably get a plastic one with pre-packaged sterile saline at your local drug store-- or a ceramic one on line. Basically, it is a small "teapot" that you use to irrigate your sinuses. It helps clear excess mucus while moisturizing nasal passages, which in turn will allow your sinuses to heal. It is very easy to use, if awkward at first. Good luck

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Did the doctors ever bother to culture it?

You need to find out what it is before you do something that could spread it elsewhere.

If it is MRSA, Dakin's Solution might help, but that is a mixture of chlorine with a buffer. Strong stuff. You would have to consult a wound control person, there are such specialists, re. how to apply safely. There are also infection control people, but they generally require a referral.

100% chlorine is needed to kill some MRSA's, but it can be very destructive to other tissue and you definitely couldn't use that in a Neti pot.

It needs to irrigated with something strong; "irrigation" could be the key word in seeking a specialist that could help.

Try an ENT specialist (ear, nose, and throat), who could work directly with an infection control and wound control person.

Sometimes ENT peolple will "pack" the sinuses with things, too.

You really need to work with an ENT. When you work with the right specialist, all kinds of new possibilities present themselves.

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jessicavanderhoff(7 Md)

Get a second opinion from a doctor who cares about your comfort!!

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