I have a stuffy nose. What herbs are good to drink or inhale? ROP

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)April 4, 2006

I have a stuffy (very) nose and a mild sinus infection...... what herbs are good to drink or inhale or rinse out nose ???????

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I find that a spoonful of hot Chinese mustard is excellent for stuffiness. Really clears out the ol' antrums.

Best taken with food.

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Get some eucalyptus oil and put some on a hanky and sniff it, or inhale it in steam. Clears the passages wonderfully! Nothing is better for the purpose.

Or, if you can find it, get a plant of Japanese Menthol Mint, and sniff that. You can drink a tea of it, too.

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I find mullein tea is a great decongestant. Nettle tea works well too, specially if it's from allergies.

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Oh yeah Eric, Chinese mustard will clear out the old nasal passages! As will horseradish or wasabi. And I also do as Daisy suggests, and inhale some eucalyptus oil. Also, a tea made of fresh ginger root, dried sage, with lemon and honey added makes a great remedy for sore throat/sinus problems. I make a large cup and inhale the vapors and then hold the tea in the back of my throat before swallowing. You could also use thyme for tea as well.

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Pace Salsa ... the HOT variety, eaten with chips.

Using a saline nose spray.

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I use a formula with cang er zhi(burdock fruit). It also works on sinus headaches. A formula of japanese honeysuckle works if the problem is viral.

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maevesmom(Zone 6)

If you can get fresh horesradish root and grate it yourself. Then eat that grated root on a cracker or toast. This will open up your sinuses.

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Why not find out what's causing your stuffiness and deal with it?

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Eat the hottest pepper (or some thing along those lines) that you can finde, it's like dropping an attomic bomb of you snot. Now to say some thing smart sounding (yay) alot of the time spicy things have tons of vitamin c wich will help you get better faster.

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I too have a stuffy nose, and used a nasal spray. This worked at first, but it came back, and you have to wait 24 hours before using it again. I have issues when it comes to stuff like this, and it is 4 in the morning and I can't freaking sleep. I am not a mouth breather.

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Stop eating dairy foods and foods with sugar that feed and cause mucus. Rinse with salt water. If viral or allergy, take chuan xin lian. If bacterial, take huang lian. if too involved in other things to figure it out, take Mucinex. If you've had it over one month, look at you other symptoms to get clues. There are over 125 different genera of organisms that cause stuffy nose besides your own immune system.

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