Basic Interstem questions

PersianMD2OrchardMarch 26, 2013

If you have say Magness pear on quince. And you graft say a quince compatible cultivar (QCC) on the Magness...

1. Will the new QCC have zero added, some added, or full added precociousness (i.e. take advantage of the quince rootstock?)

2. If you graft a quince INcompatible cultivar on the Magness--will the graft fail because eventually it leads up to quince rootstock?

My vote (based on nothing) is question 1: some added precociousness, question 2: graft will succeed!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

The graft will definitely succeed, and will succeed even if the variety is not quince-compatible. That is a way to graft a non-compatible variety onto quince. I have done it many times, its easy.

The precociousness is from the rootstock primarily so it should be the same. If the interstem is genetically vastly different than the top variety it can have some effect but the interstem is similar to your top so it should not have much effect.


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Thanks a lot for the info. BTW Tomcot and Moniqui are full of flower buds thanks for those recs.

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