a new Mulberry tree that I got!

MohammadLawatiMarch 6, 2014

I went and bought a new mulberry tree for my home that is grafted.
I want to share some pictures with others:

here is a leaf:

Here is a fruit:

What do you think it actually is? I guess morus alba because it is long right?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Congratulations on your new tree! I have several started from cuttings and 3 look like they will make it! Mine are Pakistan Mulberry, and their blooms / berries look like yours, although your tree is much bigger! I am looking forward to tasting this berry!


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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

It was a good idea to get a grafted tree. Fruit quality from seeds varies greatly

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Thanks Suzi, I hope to test it too, The last time I ate a mulberry was when I was a small child. I remmember acidic and sweet flavour. I also recal tasting a long one but it had a chewey green line that tasted like leaves. I hope this will prove my memory wrong.
Yeah Carol, I thout about it because the guy who sold me this advised me to take it despite its higher price as he told me that he is sure of its quality and ate some himself XP. Thanks all !

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