Fematril? Will it help my wife and I?

benc8128April 12, 2005

My wife has been looking in to taking an herbal enhancement for her lost libido. I have done a lot of reading about these and found that most of them are junk and that there are a few of them that seem to work. One in particular is Fematril, I am hoping that the herbalist who posted a reply in another post about Avlimil will read this and be able to give my wife and I some help. My wife is 29 and for the past 5-6yrs has noticed a severe lack of sex drive, mainly caused by being tired and stress. We have 2 children. My wife has also lost 112lbs in the past 15months, but that has not seemed to help at all. My wife is much better health now than she ever has been and says that once initiated she enjoys the intimacy very much, but that it is getting her to this point that is the problem because she just doesn't experience the desire she once did. After doing a lot of reading it seems like Fematril may help. The ingredient list is as follows. Clovevine Powder 500mg, Damiana Leaf 4:1 Extract 480mg, Muira Puama 4:1 Extract 260mg, Di-Arginine Malate 250mg, Avena Sative 10:1 Extract (oat straw) 150mg, Catawba Bark 4:1 Extract 150mg, Cinidium Monnier 25mg, Bioperine 3mg. I have also read some good stuff about another herbal call Sentia, but after studying the ingredients in it I am not sure if it is something that will work or not. The ingredients for Sentia are a Proprietary Blend of Epimedium, Damiana Leaf, Dodder Seed, Black Cohosh Root, Isoflavones, Valeriana Root, Ginger Root, Ginko Boloba, bayberry Fruit, Licorice Root, Capsicum Pepper, & Red Rasberry Leaf. Thank you all for your help.

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Im not claiming to be an expert on this subject,and I know this is a herb forum,but have you considered your wife might have a testosterone level problem.

I have not looked into this in great detail,but I was watching a Doco the other night and watched a cross section of women with this problem being treated with testosterone,and the results were amasing.

They really started to enjoy their sex life again,and most initiated intimacy ,which is something none of them had done for years.

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I would suggest that she just have her hormone levels tested before she starts taking anything - then she will know exactly what she is lacking.....
With 2 kids tho'sometimes you just can't get your head to follow your heart!!!!!

Good luck!

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

I never heard of Fematril, but would heartily suggest Maca and Schizandra berries, should perk her right up, and you can get them both in organic forms, quite cheaply comparerd to any "blend".
Wish I got to get completely away from my kids as much as she does :o)
Have fun! Lynn

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seneca_s(6-7 Idaho)

Just curious as to what you've tried and how it's working. I'm still looking.

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It has been a long research process for us, but we have finally decided to order the Fematril. Will post an update in a few weeks to let you all know how its going.

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Just ordered myself... I will post a follow-up once I receive it and take it for a few weeks. Wish me luck!!

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This is interesting, since I have recently seen that "sexual aids" make more money for the drug companies than antibiotics..... so they don't want to do much research into antibiotics anymore....

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Does anyone have any info on FEMATRIL, any results yet?

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I went in to place my monthly order for Fematril and tripped across this website. I had to leave feedback for those of you who have been looking for info and for those who may see this site again. I started Fematril 2 months ago because it received the highest rating on a comparison test done on several similar products. I cannot tell you the difference it has made. My libido was down and my husband and I were unhappy with my lack of sex drive. This product has worked wonders. Additionally, they said it would really help with lubrication and it absolutely does. We went from experiencing intimacy once every month or two to our current 4-5 times per week. I LOVE this product and highly recommend it because it really works! Good luck everyone!

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I just ordered some Fematril. I'll try to remember to come back here and let you know what I think about it. Did you ever order any for your wife? If so, what did she think about it?

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Interestingly, this thread comes up at the top of the list when you do a Google search for "fematril".

And it appears that sellers of this product have noticed.

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Does anyone else feel lighted headed or spaced out after taking fematril?

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Fematril made me feel awful!!! I had a headache and was terribly sleepy. Slept most of the evening on the days that I took it. I tried skipping a few days to make sure it was the Fematril that made me feel so bad and it was!!! I got the exact opposite effect from what I wanted!!

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I have headaches too, but when you try to research any possible side effects you can't find anything on it. I don't get sleepy, I get very hyper.

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I came across this post in my research of Fematril too... and I was wondering if BenC8128's wife has tried it yet??
Anyone still experiencing headaches? Has it at least worked like it's supposed to and increased sexual desire?

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"Yet the actual evidence that it works for most uses is rather sparse."

"We don't know if it's any good for all this stuff, but buy it anyway!" :)

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I have lost my libido a year ago and have eaten tons of pills including Fematril. Well it works but may be it is good for increasing but not for returning the sex drive. If you want to RETURN your libido it's better to use Sentia, it has stronger action.

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This is rather a personal subject, Eric. So it could be that regular posters do not wish to blurt out to everyone they know that they are using these products. So perhaps they sign up under an alias to post on this subject without risk of revealing too much of themselves.

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Practically no one uses their complete real name in these forums, so that's not the issue.

It's not unusual in the Herbalism forum for posters to make their debut in the form of a glowing recommendation for some product and then are never heard from again. Usually it turns out that they registered on the day they made their post (as opposed to registering then lurking for awhile to get a feel of the place, as legitimate posters often do), and it's occasionally but not always obvious from their language and links to particular websites that their interest in herbalism is confined to marketing a particular supplement.

In this thread we've had one blatant website promotion, and several other suspicious postings, two of which employed the same language about purported highest customer ratings.

User testimonials are one thing, but it's not fair to forum users when supplement sellers pose as ordinary posters in order to make phony endorsements (this is a problem with testimonials in general, some of which are more obvious fakes than others). The practice also violates GardenWeb rules, and denies GW advertising revenue that can be used to make this a better place.

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Eric_oh, I have to agree with you. When I first read this post, even the original question seemed a little strange. I have been poking around the garden web for several years, roses, cottage gardens, garden junk, organics, etc. And even on 'conversations' I find that most people are a little bit more restrained in their descriptions of intimate details. You may be right about the spammers, but I wondered if the poster benc8128 wasn't the spammer and the testimonials were guys from his office. In other words, the whole thing was a set-up.

I really like the Garden web and have learned a lot of very useful information here and even made friends with other posters. This was the first time I looked at this Herbalism Forum and I am frankly stunned that this post has made it this far without being yanked. This whole thread kinda gives me the willies.

I don't think benc8128 is buying, I think he has something to sell. -Seamommy

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As for those posts that the women are getting sleepy... That could be a plus for the guys! lol Just kidding. My wife also suffers from a decreased (I mean absent) libido. She's on anti-depressants for Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar (Lithium and Welbutrin in pretty large doses) and we have sex

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I was just wondering if any one has experienced side effects with using Fematril. I have experience very bad Diarrhea. Has this happened to anyone else? IÂve only taken 3 pills but IÂm afraid to continue.

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I second this opinion because had tried Sentia too and had excellent results. There is no doubt that it helps a lot.
I also used Avlimil, which is not worthwhile thing.

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So Fematril or Sentia? My wife and I have been married for a couple of years and her sex drive has decreased rapidly due to taking birth control consecutively for the past 3 years. She loved sex before but her sex drive is almost non-existent. We are considering the two, Fematril and Sentia, which one?

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I am in the unfortunate position of many other guys. A girl with almost 0 sex drive. It sucks to no end so I either become the most patient guy in the world or leave her to someone else who wants to be patient (cause it sucks, have I said this already). Worst thing of it is she is not really missing anything. She feels fine and gets her needs filled. That is she gets holding and cuddling every day and sex once a month, while I would be happy with 2x a week (but that is not happenning. No matter how much I stress this is a problem, it is hard for her to understand something she does not feel or seem to need. Or at least this is what her body tells her. SO her efforts on this subject no matter how urgent I explain are kinda half hearted. I guess I can understand as hey, she feels fine...
Anyways the method of this post is to say she tried fematril and I found it did work if she takes it lots(3 times daily). I did not get results when she took only 1 pill a day and I did see result after 2 weeks. The reason for me stating whether I got results is you cannot ask her as she will not feel any different nor will she realise she is horny (I will though). However she complained it made her stomach hurt (constipation was the word, though she may have had this confused with diarhea). Anyways, it made her tummy sore so back to little sex for me and zero sex drive for her. I have done more research and the net kinda has lots of self promotion on it where companies stage research reports and put their product at the top of the list. I found the ingredients on Avenavin and Nymphomax to be good for libido so I am gonna talk to her about trying this next as well as go to the health store and see which of their ingredients they carry as I know some of them they have like maca, l-taurine and others. Anyways I will do more research. I will likely buy these two next and see what happens.
unfortunate male

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Unfortunate Male-
I feel your pain. I love my wife, she is hot and sexy, but does not realize that we as men have needs. She feels fine not having sex and she only feels bad because she says no to me all the time. I'll give her credit she does realize to some extent but we are getting to the point where we need something to happen. We are going to try Fematril because of a reccomendation of a friend. I hope something good comes from this. I to have researched some other ingredients like maca, schizandra berries, etc. but we are going to try this and see where it leads. My only concerns are side affects like you stated, because if that happens and it's actually working she won't take it anymore. I'll keep you updated.


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She may be hot, she may be sexy, you may love her, but if you do not get your needs filled your relationship is heading for trouble. I hope it does not affect her tummy. My gf has had a low sex drive her whole life. I later found out which may have been due to her taking the pill since she was 17 (which is stupid as it does kill the sex drive long term). Even getting off the pill takes 6 months before a full sex drive can return. They never seem to mention that fact in any of the advertising. I would suggest she get her hormone levels checked by her doctor though her testosterone level is low but still in normal range. Good luck with the fematril. I will let you know how the other two work. Though I am focussing on any supplements that have the following ingredients;
For sex drive:
maca (peruvian), tribulus terrestris (puncture vine, goathead), avena sativa (oat straw), muira (mara) puama, epimedium (horny goat weed, bishop's hat), conidium (cnidium) monnier (monniers snowparsley), catawba (catuaba) bark, yohimbe bark, and maybe damiana leaf (though this last one may cause depression and other non desirable side affects so I am sketchy on).
For increase pleasure:
l-taurine, l-arginine, schizandra berry, ginkgo biloba. These I read enhance the circulatory and nervous system while increasing sexual fluids.
Good Luck, If I find any of this stuff works will post.

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I'm voting for Sentia. It is a real help for women. It just can't be compared with Fematril or Avlimil.
Fematril was the first for me and the only thing which I had reached was that this drug had put out my periods. The second supplement was Avlimil and I have to say that I had noticed small results, which had vanished in a month. In a year I had tried Sentia and had found it very helpful. The world of orgasms just invaded me.

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Sentia is the best supplement for women without enquiry. When I had lost my libido I had a thought that I was not a woman. It was very hard I have used different drugs and only Sentia has given the real results. I still donÂt have orgasms but I have sex with grate pleasure and donÂt feel pain. And do you know what is it: to feel pain when having sex? I hope my orgasms would return too.

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My husband and I used to have an active and vital sexlife, but after 3 kids and 10 years of marraige, I had to admit my libido was suffering, and... JUST KIDDING!!!

hey- also tripped over this site while researching- so now I'm hoping some REAL feedback from ACTUAL people would help. sucks that even a forum like this is getting invaded by advertizers posing as posters. what a crock. I'm just intensely frustrated because there seems to be no reliable info or studies you can garantee weren't funded by the manufacturers.

I'll lay it all out because it's not like I'll meet you guys at a bar anytime soon (and know it). anyway, thing is, I'm young. just shy of 25. most of the products out there don't talk to me. It's all "mid-life this, menopause that". Can't seem to hit clitoral orgasm unless I'm alone. Another weird thing: I'm not self-conscience- in any way- I have no sexual communication problems, no history of sexual mishap or abuse, no body issues. I think I look really good, and I'm not inherently shy- especially having been with the same partner so long. When I am into it, I'm outright adventurous. It's getting into it, WANTING to get into, lubrication and clitoral oragasm it that doesn't happen. The only factor I can see in all of this: I have poly-cystic disorder. I don't know if this means ANYTHING. I know I have enlarged ovaries. It causes most of my periods to be debilitating. past that, I don't know. If anyone else here fits my profile and has any advice, do tell.

One thing I noticed is that Avlimil seems shady to me. I read articles in the Washington Post about how it was deliberatly trying to look like a bona-fide pharmacuetical ad, when it has no fda backing (not that an FDA stamp means much) and isn't prescription. The PR folks brushed this off saying it was a good product that deserved a sleek campaign. that screams designer drug to me.

You read the ingredients' poperties and- now I'm not against herbal remedies as long as they're substantiated- it was a lot of "has been used for centuries in china for...", "a traditional remedy for..." "said to improve.."- these totally nebulous claims all around.

the only relevant thing, seems to me, are these anti-stress and weak-plant-estrogen factors. In which case, one or two over-the-counter herbal supplements could do the same trick, no? thoughts?

I don't have money falling out of my pockets, but I might just take one for the team here and try SOMETHING-ANYTHING and report back. suggestions?

ps- yes, i joined the forum just for this- today. yes- my personal info and yahoo mail are bogus or anonymus- it's just info/address I use for safe anonymus posting.

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I would like to start off by saying I actually came to garden web for some sewing hints. I have been married to my husband for nearly 2 years and we have been together for nearly 6 years. As some of ya'll have posted, my low sex drive is causing many arguements between me and my husband because I don't see that I have a problem but he does, especially since at one point of our dating we were doing it on a daily basis. I have read alot of information that has been posted on this forum and am going to try Sentia. I want to thank everyone for the helpful hints. I will let ya'll know if it helps. Thank you.

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I had the problem that whenever I had sex it just felt like nothing. I didn't feel any pleasure at all. I didn't know why I couldn't feel anything. So I just couldnÂt figure out what was wrong. Has anyone experienced such a problem? Or am I just really messed up. I really needed help.
I have tried different ways of treatment and have tried tones of various pills and I have to say that Sentia is really one of the best. It influences very softy, doesnÂt have side effects and I think it really "increases the libido".

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Sentia's sales must have fallen off badly, if its makers don't have any money for a regular ad budget and have to keep spamming this forum.

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Uh for the gal who has bad periods I would say try accupuncture.
MY gf finds it is really good for balancing her periods to make them less painful.
With regards to pills. She is kinda funny that taking pills she claims makes her tummy weird so is very difficult to do. I ended up going to gaia gardens an online store to get a custom liquid solution of - Damiana 40%, Muira Puama 40%, Schizandara 10% and passion flower 10%. This solution has seemed to make a difference to her that she notices if taking about 8ml 2x a day in liquid form (which she feels is easy to take).
Am planning a different solution next time of Damiana 20%, Muira Puama 20%, Schizandra Berry 5%, Ginkgo Biloba 5%, Maca 10%, Tribulus Terrestris 20%, Epimedium 10% and Passion flower 5%. Mainly focussing on libido enhancing herbals. Will post if it is eventually tried...

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eric_oh don't post puzzling massages here please. Ppl here need help and advice. Sentia is just a working drug and that's all. If you have to say something I'll be the first who listens to you. Please say about women pills what you want and what you know.

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What's puzzling (well, not really) is that multiple postings in this thread come off as fake testimonials from the makers/sellers of these potions. If the phraseology isn't obvious enough, many of these messages come from people who registered on the day they posted and have never been heard from again on herbalism or any other subject. The thread is two years old and gets bumped regularly by these posters, assuring that it stays on the front page.

Spam is frowned upon, both by GW and forum members.

Oh, and welcome to the forum, klav. Hopefully we will hear from you on other subjects besides why we should buy Sentia.

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I don't want to argue. It's just nonsense. It's like to prove that I'm not a camel. Waste of time.

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Well I went to vitamin shop and no one there heard of either Fematril or Sentia so I am trying something called Natural Passion. They said that it has the same effect. I have also learned that some women with a low libido can be caused by stress.

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Hello, I can truly understand where eric-oh is coming from. I'm a little apprehensive myself about these types of threads. But I continue to keep searching hoping to find answers to help my situation. I would like to know the outcome from txfshngwife once you start taking the new product you bought called "Natural Passion". Because you actually were able to find it at a legit vitamin store (Hopefully it's legit). Hopefully I'll remember to look back on this thing to see who responds. Good luck to everyone who is seeking help & please continue to put on here "REAL" helpful solutions.
Thanks :-)

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My first concern upon reading this was the drastic weight loss in a short amount of time. When's the last time she had a check-up? Are you SURE she's in good health?

Secondly, what medications is she taking currently. Anything that could be causing the loss of sex drive? (Almost every medication on the market has this listed as a possible side effect. Can't help but think it's for a reason.)

Damiana is something that I've heard is used successfully, but that's on a case by case basis.

Have you considered other things? Possibly accupuncture could help with "closed off areas" and getting her energy back to normal.

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I bought it from ebay and have not taken it. I am also on meds for anxiety and ADD and of course you can not ask the doctor if it's safe because they always say no. I figure with the natural ingredients it should be okay. Does anyone have info about taking it and also taking rx drugs?

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What supplement are you referring to (a number of them have been mentioned in this thread)?

Unfortunately, "natural ingredients" do not guarantee safety (castor beans, jimsonweed and deadly nightshade are examples of "natural" but toxic plants/plant products). Also, apart from their lack of demonstrated efficacy, herbal sexual enhancement products have sometimes been adulterated with prescription medication.

Buyer beware.

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Have any of you "poor guys" ever considered that maybe SHE would like to have more of a libido? That maybe it bothers her as much as it bothers you that her sex drive has gone bye bye? Try to be in her shoes and have someone nagging her ALL the time about having sex when she has no desire to have it. Give her a desire and help her out. Not ALL women are just saying that they don't have any desire anymore, I can tell you that 100% so stop whining and try to help her by doing more things around the house so when it comes time to have sex, she doesn't feel exhausted.
I do think Fematril is working for me. I do feel I'm having some side effects though, like hot flashes and constipation. I'm on my second bottle and hoping that it will continue to work only a little harder and soon.

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It is true that some herbal supplements for libido have been spiked with generic equivalents of viagra or cialis, but all cases I heard of have been Chinese products from dubious companies. If you buy a ginseng, ashwagandha or epimedium product from a large established company that produces a wide variety of quality herbal products, the risk of that is close to nil. Their business is built on selling exactly what is on the label, and they would damage the company if they sold an adulterated product.

Exercise and nutrition are a good place to start. The recent studies on the Mediterranean diet and sexual function were very interesting - women improved their sexual function on the order of 30% over the long run when moving to a more Mediterranean diet. A separate study by the same research team found similar improvements for men with ED. But diet alone may not be enough - for some people, herbs may improve the quality of life. Others may want to use viagra or levitra or cialis. I suspect that people on a herbalism forum are more inclined toward the herbs.

I would also disagree with the 'lack of demonstrated efficacy' - for example, there are dozens of studies showing that ginseng increases nitric oxide and alter the cGMP levels in cells in the same manner as patent medicines like viagra. There are plants that contain steroidal saponins, phytoestrogens and phytoandrogens with measurable effects on the body, others that affect oxytocin or GABA in a way that might improve sexual function for some people.

And having taken a stiff dose of ginseng myself a few decades ago when I was a skeptic about such things, I can tell you that it can have a pronounced effect. Since then, I've done hundreds of personal research trials to confirm the results. :)

A recent study on an extract of dandelion found that it up-regulated the expression of estrogen, progesterone, and FSH receptors in cells, and made animals more responsive to gonadotrophin. Might be beneficial for women experiencing difficulties with menopause, or with other hormone related sexual conditions. But of course, it is all marketing hype and placebo effect - the mice were excited because they THOUGHT they would be sexier, and this changed the results. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Mediterranean Diet Improves Sexual Function

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It is good to read that so many other women suffer from low libido and that it is not necessarily all my fault if I can't "come" as my new bf puts it. I have had a low sex drive all my adult life but have also had a lot of stress in my life too.
When my marriage broke down 18 years ago I was pregnant and had a 2 yr old. I devoted myself to being a good mother and love and sex were always far from my mind. Recently I decided that I was ready for a relationship again. You would imagine that after 18 years of celibacy I would be rearing to go. Not so! I can't believe I still have trouble getting turned on and I don't think it is because I am just out of practice! So I researched on the Net to find something, anything that may help.
I chose Fematril only because there are more web pages devoted to it than anything else. I have been taking them for 2 weeks and I haven't experienced anything akin to feeling sexier. It also made me very sick at first, too, but I found that if I take the pills BEFORE I eat anything I am fine. Also I noticed that about 3 hours after taking them my heart starts beating a lot faster - a feeling that lasts for about an hour. I do not know if this feeling signals a heightened libido (haven't tested it yet) or if the herbs are reacting with my blood pressure medication. However, I feel well in general.
It is early days with the Fematril so I will post an update in a month or so. If my libido hasn't improved in two months I will switch to Sentia. I hope it all works out - it is very expensive to import such medication into Australia, but I am really desperate. I don't want to ruin my sex life before it even begins!

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Chinese products are good for Chinese that is a fact. They have other living conditions. So if you are Chinese, eat Chinese supplements. I can't understand why you are looking for supplements if you know about Sentia. Sentia proved to be very effective. I personally have tried it and I have very high libido at 43.

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I'm 28, married for 7 years, stressful job, long hours --> low libido.

I tried Fematril for a few weeks. It did nothing for me but constipation. And what kind of libido can you expect when you're constipated? Zero.

I threw away the remaining pills and felt better immediately. I would not recommend Fematril to anyone.

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Hello everyone,

Has anyone tried Sentia? It seemed to be the winning vote?
Where do you get it, can you get it from a natural food store or do you have to go online to get it.

Its kind of toucy with my partner and i'd rather try it first and see if it works.

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moonsanity(Zone 5)

For those seriously wanting to help themselves or their wives (they should be online posting)try going to Power Surge...link below. It is for peri-menopause and menopause but you'll find so much information on this subject and experts that truly know what they are talking about. I'm not associated with them at all by the way. Hormones are nothing to fool with- plus most remedies/supplements take time to work just like medications.

Secondly--- PLEASE be careful with drug interaction! Herbs are still drugs in the sense that they can react with meds you are taking. Research this-- don't just assume it's safe, or ignore side effects.

Here is a link that might be useful: Power Surge

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i must make a comment on the earlier posts about checking hormones and etc...i will be the first to admit to use all natural or herbal thing as much as possible. but in all reality it is very important to know what you are dealing w/ first and then make the best discission for your situtation.in these kind of situtation it can be a dangerous thing. there are many thing that can cause issues such as what being mention. be careful . NO WHAT YOU ARE DEALING W/ FIRST.

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I vote for Sentia too. I don't know nothing about other supplements, but Sentia was good for me. I had probs with lubricant (so-called "painful-sex-problem"), which were solved successfully.

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"Horny Goat Weed" has been around for some 2000 years has anyone got some first hand info on this? I should say, has any "Herbal" individual got first hand info on this.

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>> "Horny Goat Weed" has been around for some 2000 years has anyone got some first hand info on this? I should say, has any "Herbal" individual got first hand info on this.

Yes, and it has real effects. It blocks the phosphodiesterase enzymes, increases nitric oxide, and affects cGMP balance (which is how the blue pill works), and it has other beneficial effects on nitric oxide and blood circulation. IMO, it is generally milder than prescription alternatives, but probably similar (although it is hard for me to compare them experientially, as I have not gotten any prescriptions).

FWIW, I prefer taking a single herb or extract, sold by a company that has a wide range of herbal products, where they make no claims about the product other than the ingredients. Many of the companies that make only heroic bedroom athlete products have obviously inflated claims and I personally don't trust such businesses - I don't see them as legitimate herbalists; they are often people whose only concern is quick profit.

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I tried Femtril and it gave me diahrea so bad I was sick for days. Just thought I would tell you. It might be good to have your wife tested for testosterone by the doctor and see if she can get a cream/base testosterone for her level...

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I have tried this product and I will not recommend it. First day, I felt high for about an hour, second day I had a headache until I took it again, then diarrhea for two days.I did not feel pain as I had before, but I could not feel my husband I felt numb inside. This product, I believe has a placebo effect (no medical purpose,if you truly believe it will work then it will) like sugar pills to treat arthritis.It does not "Put you in the mood" so many believe it will (me included)it is no Viagra for women as it was claimed to be. The 4 to 6 wks to have full effect is convenient, considering you have a 30 day money back guarantee,by the time you figure out that it does not work it is to late for a refund. That is only my opinion though.

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"This product, I believe has a placebo effect (no medical purpose,if you truly believe it will work then it will)"

This overstates the placebo effect. If you take a placebo thinking it will work, it's more likely to have an effect (at least over a short term period) than if you're profoundly skeptical about it. On the other hand, it's not going to work just because you believe it will.

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