reaction to spider bite

Hapslappy(Mi z5b)April 10, 2006

Yesterday I awoke from a nap to find an area of my leg covered in fat, itchy hives & didn't know why. Today I still have them & they've spread up to my thigh. When I was inspecting the hives in the sunlight this morning, I noticed what looked like a spider bite near my knee. The hives are driving me crazy with itching, like mosquito bites. I have experienced this once before when I was a kid, & got a cortisone shot that had more side efeects than anything & didn't really help. Does anyone know of anything that helps cleanse the an infusion or tea or something...the sooner I get this allergen stuff out of me, the better. :0) Thanks, Shannon

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benadryl.... take it. AND you can bathe in cool water. I'd make an oatmeal "tea" to bathe in too. But, take the benadryl.

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

Hehe, I'm no stranger to Benadryl & like's not helping...that's why I'm posting on the herbalism forum.

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Hmmm... well, if it gets worse, go to the docs! There ARE other things to take besides cortisone shots. Spider bites can turn to blood poisoning, so don't flake on it! :o(
I had an allergic reaction to a medicine once and had head to toe hives... I was ready for suicide! You can try baking soda and water paste... I certainly know that cool baths work...temporarily.

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

There are other things besides cortisone shots? I've had numerous allergic reactions to different things & they always offer up the cortisone first thing. That's the only reason why I havent called a doctor. Shoot, I guess I'll have to call in the morning & see if they can tell me any other options besides the shot. Itchy, itchy, Thanks a bunch, Shannon

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Yeah, you may not like it though. They gave me this antihistimine that KNOCKED me out.... It worked alright, but I slept for like 4 hours. Way stronger than benadryl. Course I hadn't really slept before that. There are a lot of steroids out there too. Oh, also, I am allergic to bees, and once I got stung and couldn't get medicine and this doc said BOOZE helps... :D

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

I wrote an email to my doctor & he says "take 50 mg. of Benadryl".....arg, go figure. The rash looks a bit better this morn, so maybe it wont last very long this time. Thanks for the help, Shan

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Wow... you can email your doctor? WAY cool! Well, glad you are better... I had a friend who was allergic to a spider bite, and being a man, let it go till it was blood poisoning. :o(

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Think I was bit by a spider woke up with pain in foot went to work made it 8 hours then I got really sick for 1day totay is third day feel good swellon going down however now I'm starting to get red streek up leg (got bite in foot) very little pain but red streek starting to worry about did you see this before and not sure it was spider bite happen while sleeping tks

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