Dormant Pruning/First pruning of plum tree

Rotcod(5b)March 18, 2014

There is plenty of great info on pruning whips and feathered fruit trees upon planting. (For videos, I like North Carolina extension videos on youtube)
But are plum trees different? Is it ever wrong to dormant prune plum trees? Does your zone matter? Is Silver Leaf disease that much of a danger?
The big question is: Do you always prune fruit trees (EVEN PLUM TREES) upon planting? Are plum trees different?
Thanks everyone for being such a help for the past 5 years to the stalkers of this site.

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alan haigh

In your zone plums are usually pruned after risk of below zero weather is likely passed. I do not know about specific diseases in your area, but here I've never seen silver leaf. Black knot is the only specific disease routinely encountered here with most plums that doesn't attack the fruit.

In my nursery, I don't prune E. plums the first year at all, beyond removing broken and oversized branches- those more than a third the diameter of the trunk at point of their attachment to the trunk. I generally prune as little as possible until trees come into fruiting except for peaches.

Upright E. plums do benefit from early branch spreading for a more open shape and early fruiting.

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