Native Herb Plants to Northeast (Astabula County) Ohio

gettingtoknowmeApril 14, 2006


I am very new to the Herbal concept. I am a gardner and my Grandmother was into Herbs and their medicinal purposes but it didn't matter to me then and now I want very much to explore this area. I would like to add some plants to my garden and am not sure of what choices. Is Lavendar an easy herb to get at any nursery?

Also, I have a more needed question than that. I am looking for 'native' herb plants to Ashtabula County here in Ohio. This has been a very hard task. Could someone please advice me where I could find this information and their preparation, ie... foods, medicinal, aromtherapy..salves.

Thanks again for any help you could offer.

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Have you tried Googling Native Ohio medicinal herbs? There are actually a few books written about different areas and their herbs. You might find some info. If not... there's a few that are everywhere, like Mullein, which I think grows everywhere in the US... stuff like that.... chickweed.... etc.

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Congrats on becoming interested in herbs and honoring your grandmother. Check the Herb Society of America. They maintain a huge garden near Cleveland. Google them and then search for chapters near you. You can also check with your local county cooperative extension for members who are into herbs. Then, google "Ohio" and "herb clubs" or "herbal events" or "native herbs". Good luck!

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