Reishi prepartation

MmeVictorVerdier(z6b/7a VA)April 14, 2005

Can anyone recommend a preparation for dried reishi mushrooms? I'm thinking of a tea or infusion that could then be used in soups or simply to take in small quantities. How many mushrooms soaked for how long, etc. Also any other methods of preparation that you might know. Thanks very much.

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I usually soak dried mushrooms in hot water for at least a half hour. Why not then put on some olive oil a little fresh thyme and a few bread crumbs sprinkled over them and bake them for 10 min or so in a 350 oven..yummy i would make whatever amount I was going to use in a short period of time if you want to make teaor make an infusion in any strenght desired

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MmeVictorVerdier(z6b/7a VA)

That sounds yummy, but I thought reishis were too "medicinal" to be eaten in the quantity you would eat regular mushrooms. Can you eat too much reishis?

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DigginDanny(z5 NY Catskills)

I have never used reishi but from my understanding they can be very I doubt cooking is going to be the way to go. I believe the dried bits are normally used to make a tea.

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