Itchy dog update

thorspippi(z9/s14 CA Sacramento)May 24, 2005

We finally have Bruno competely switched over to BARF.

Oh boy does he love it. Can't tell yet if itchiness will be solved completely, but he's not scratching endlessly like he did.

There may be other stuff we'll have to do in case it's an actual infection of some kind. I've been adding 1 teaspoon of vinegar every day, plus a dash or two of olive oil. He'll be getting yogurt soon (at his next veggie meal). Maybe that will help too. I worry about giving him any kind of brewers yeast, in case this is a yeast infection... ? And we're still bathing him with vinegar about once a week, which really helps immensely. But I keep forgetting to add garlic.

DH sees a big (positive) change when he goes to scoop the yard.

After dinner, Bruno lays down and he's done for the night. As though he's been sedated. All that tryptophan, I guess.

But now he doesn't let us go 1 minute past meal time anymore. :-)

Cats still refuse to eat any meat, except tuna. Not even the chicken liver (finely minced), which I thought they'd snarf in one inhale.

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"I worry about giving him any kind of brewers yeast, in case this is a yeast infection... ?"

There is no problem with giving him brewer's yeats (which is DEAD) if he has a yeast infection ... different species.

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