Study Finds Supplements Contain Contaminants

brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)May 29, 2010
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Good example of "contamination" discussed in a Boston Globe article I read recently. The "herbal" tea Pai You Guo contains the weight loss drug silbutramine, and a possibly carcinogenic compound, phenolpthalein. Despite an FDA-announced recall the product remains on the shelves at some shops.

Apparently certain "herbal" products depend on the hidden presence of pharma drugs which can cause harm, especially if consumers are unaware and/or if the drugs are no longer supposed to be used because of known dangers.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Goodness it sounds almost as bad as goofups by the drug companys. I read recently where some drug company let millions of pills loose with no medicine landing in the capsules. Sorry no links It's been awhile. If intrested look for yourself. TIA

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Since this is a herbalism forum, most people would be interested in hearing about effectiveness and safety of herbal products.

I'm sure you'd agree that supplement dealers should not be selling alleged herbal products that are adulterated with prescription drugs without consumers' knowledge.

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