Georgetown U. Offers Complimentary Medicine Program

eibren(z6PA)May 15, 2009

I was following a link of Eric's to a site elucidating the dangers of Pokeweed which was apparently removed, but backtracked it and found this--thought some of you might find it interesting. The link has links to a page on urban herbs, etc.


Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Masters of Science in Physiology

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Track

at Georgetown University

. .


Site revised 7/15/2007


CAMily, Class of 2009

The first program of its kind, the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Program places Georgetown University at the forefront of graduate education in this field. We believe this educational initiative will serve both the public interest in complementary and alternative medicine, and the need for greater scientific research into these areas.

Features of this program include:

An excellent science-based MS curriculum that may be completed in 11 months

Student interactions with nationally-recognized leaders in CAM

Participation in the development of an exciting, new academic field

Research and publication opportunities

Summer practicum placement with top CAM-related organizations

Excellent student-faculty ratio and interactions

Strong individual academic advising and job and graduate school placement

In Fall 2003, we introduced the first CAM-oriented, science-based MS program at a US Medical Center. The 2004 graduates from the first class are now working in education, research, or are in medical school. While in the Program, several of the students also participated in CAM-related research (see Publication link below) and present CAM MS students are also taking advantage of this and other opportunities.

In August 2005, the Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM) launched a 5-year MD/MS track, with the CAM MS followed by the 4-year medical curriculum. Another totally unique experience, this innovative program is the first to accomplish the national initiative to integrate the critical scientific evaluation of CAM modalities and CAM research with conventional medical education. Admission to the joint MD/MS program is through the GUSOM.

The CAM MS in Physiology is designed for students who fit into any of several categories in terms of background and eventual career placement:

Those interested in a research career (often with further training at the doctoral level) in a CAM-related area

Students wishing to pursue a career within the CAM industry

Those interested in administrative or regulatory affairs careers related to CAM within the public sector

Practioners or potential practitioners of CAM modalities seeking basic science education relevant to their practices

Those who wish to have a strong understanding of CAM modalities while pursuing a career in medicine

We encourage applications from students who fit the following criteria:

Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

Completion of prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, math and physics.

Experience or interest in a CAM-related career

Overall credentials suitable for acceptance to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the graduate programs of the Department of Physiology & Biophysics.

Recent CAM-related publications by students and faculty

Applications are now being accepted for Fall, 2009 (Class of 2010). Application deadline is June 1, 2009.

Here is a link that might be useful: Georgetown University Page

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"this innovative program is the first to accomplish the national initiative to integrate the critical scientific evaluation of CAM modalities and CAM research with conventional medical education."


Complementary (not antagonistic to) conventional medicine?

Sounds promising.

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eibren, Thanks for the info. This sounds like The US might finally come into the 21st century like europe. Yes!!!!!!

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I hope those attending a course like that don't think that makes their knowledge greater than that of a qualified, practicing, traditionally trained herbalist. My sense is that modern herbalists have the traditional training plus an awareness of modern chemical investigations.

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Another very hopeful development is that Aviva Romm, who has been a stalwart force in getting Herbalist certification standards up to par, is completing her degree at Yale as an MD. She has been the head of the American Herbalist Guild, and a good guide there, but in getting her MD from Yale, will be a great voice of future integretive medicine.

Also, Mother of four children: yep, can we say WOW to someone who is really devoted to decent medicine?

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Sounds like a name to remember. It may very well become a household word.

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