Scent Allergies

aussielover_ohMay 11, 2013

does anyone have any suggestions for helping deal with allergies to scents? Perfumes and colognes can make me miserable, with scratchy throat, nasal congestion, coughing and in certain cases numb tingly lips. While I've asked everyone I share my office with to not wear scents I can't control the general public. My doctor's given me nasal sprays and antihistamines but with strong scents they don't seem to help at all.

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This is a deeply entrenched problem that can't be fixed on an internet forum. You need personal attention. I suggest you find a qualified herbalist who can do a tongue and pulse diagnosis to help you. Also, a good herbalist will custom blend the raw herbs for you to cook at home or he'll do them for you. This way of herbology is called "classic" herbology as opposed to "traditional" herbology.


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I've been looking, trying to find someone that isn't 50 miles away, any suggestions where to look to find a listing of providers?

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Where are you located?



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Ohio, about 50 miles from Collumbus, 20 miles from Zanesville

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I checked on google and can't come up with anyone. However, the best thing to do is to go to your local China Town. Ask around for a reputable herbalist who will treat round eyes (non-Asians) without prejudice.


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the american herbalist's guild (the only professional org for herbalists in the u.s.) has an herbalist directory on their site. if you visit an ahg registered herbalist you may be assured they have received excellent training.

choose 'find an herbalist' from the menu on the left side of the page... best wishes to you.

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kitteh(6 ohio)

I've got that. I don't mind the scent of real flowers or fruit, but the scents of pseudo-flora are horrid. I think it's not you, it's society putting poison chemicals into everything as fragrance and telling everyone normal natural scents are disgusting in order to sell their crap. Allergies are mostly immune problems so they give you a pill to block it, but it should be normal to choke in the presence of harsh airborne chemicals, I really think it's weird the masses get conditioned to think it's pleasant. It's typically known as hypersensitivity.

These are what I do.

Tell them they stink of fermenting fruit.

Light a candle near you or 'purify' the area you're in by going around your air with it (they burn up the oxygen that is carrying the yuckyness - unscented candles of course - and certain candles work better)

Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorizer - it's got a chemical in it too, but it's one of the few that I don't think is that bad. The other brands don't mask odor as well.

Find natural herbal oils that are volatile and you like. Put a few little drops in water and spray.

Circulate air away from you.

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liver clearance is super important in these cases. learn to use dandelion root as tea on a regular basis, it'll help clear and strengthen the liver and boost immunity.

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