Persimmon and Jujube scionwood

mauch1(z6b PA)March 14, 2012

I'm looking for Kaki (oriental) persimmon and jujube scionwood. I can trade or offer reimbursement for scionwood and shipping.

Though I'm interested in any good cultivars of either (would need to be hardy in zone 6), I'm particularly interested in the following:

Jujube: Honeyjar

Kaki Persimmon (non-astringent varieties): Any hardy varieties (not including Tam Kam which I have)

Kaki Persimmon (Astringent varieties): Great Wall or Saijo

Kaki Hybrid Persimmon varieties: Rosseyanka or Nikita's Gift

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

I got them, let me take some cuttings for you before they break dormancy.


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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

Hey Bass, Im getting a 1st year Saiju in a couple weeks... Id like to graft a Sheng at some point on it... Do you think I should let it establish the first year or try grafting(or budding) it this 1st year to establish shape of tree sooner.

Which on a similar note, does anyone have Sheng scionwood that hasn't broken dormancy :)?


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Chris you sent me an email and I am sending you a Saijo and Fuyu plus a Honey Jar and a Shanxi Li.


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How is your Shanxi Li compared with Li?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Jianhua, my Li was the wrong variety and the replacement has yet to fruit. Shanxi Li is very good but I have not been able to compare it to Li.


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Thanks Scott. Maybe someone else will post some info about the comparison. I have grafted my neighbor's Li this year. They are growing well but no fruits yet. We may be able to exchange scionwood next year.

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I would like to get jujube and persimmon scionwoods. I am in zone 6B. I can offer Asia pear, pear, apple, grape, and blackwalnut scionwoods for exchange.

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I would like to purchase some non astringents kinds scionwoods like: GIANT HANAFUYU, TAM KAM or IZU or ICHI-KI-KEI-JIRO or other nice non astringent kinds. I want to try grafting to my grafted Tamopan tree. I live in zone 7 (Staten Island New York) I canâÂÂt exchange yet (my trees still small) but I will definitely pay for scionwoods and postage cost.

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leo X 2: My one Giant Hanafuyu persimmon may be abnormal....I do not know...., but it is not so "giant" in size. The taste is good, but I WOULD NOT plant one like this one because it has a bunch of LARGE seeds spaced out evenly, upright, and encircling the whole fruit. Every fruit.

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copingwithclay Thanks. I have two trees of Giant Hanafuyu (I thought) one Giant Fuyu the tree about 6 ft. tall, 3 years since I planted but didnâÂÂt give me any fruits yet. Hopefully next year, and if I like the fruits, size and taste I can give you some scionwood next year if you want. Another tree âÂÂGiant Fuyuâ finally gave me fruits this year, but instead of being Giant Fuyu (according to the label on the tree) the tree was Tamopan ( nursery mistake) and all fruits are astringent. ThatâÂÂs why I want now to graft any nice non astringent persimmon to that tree.
If anybody want to exchange scionwood a have very nice Russian Apricot tree (Big sweet apricots and very productive) growing excellent in New York, and also I have nice Ukrainian black currant (delicious and big berries)

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NYC_FruitKing(New Rochelle, NY, Zone 6)

For those of you interested, I have Giant Fuyu (Hana Gosho) and Jiro scionwood I could part with this spring but in very limited amounts. I also have a Tigertooth jujube but unfortunately I already pruned the thing out of impatience. I'm pretty sure Roger Meyer ships not only bareroot grafted jujubes but scionwood as well (with sealing tape too if you request it).

I've done a veeery extensive amount of research on how to grow persimmons and only a select few can be planted in zone 6 without having to worry about them, but i'm sure most all varieties (except hachiya) can be left alone once they're mature. All persimmons will benefit from a good mulching and some burlap, especially while they're young. Saijo's got to be hands-down the most cold-hardy variety there is if your winters are that brutal, Great Wall I've heard does well too, but it's more ornamental than for taste. I've also heard that Chocolate (Tsurunoko) can take the winters in zone 6 provided there aren't any severe winter winds, plus it's to die for (so I've heard, ordered a tree so I can test it myself ^-^). Also look into the PVNA types, as they're all very sought out for their taste: Chocolate, Nishimura Wase (coffecake), and Maru. Keep in mind you need a pollinator to ensure they'll be non-astringent, Giant Fuyu and Chocolate are great pollenizers. Giant Fuyu's so good it's worth growing on it's own just for it's extremely sweet and crunchy fruit. I've no clue where to find scionwood for these varieties but ask some avid persimmon gardeners in California if they have any, there's a good chance you'll find some :)

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Hello all fellow plant lovers. :-) does any one have tigertooth jujube scion?:-) I am very interested in trying its fruit but I can't seem to find tree or scion any where? Does any one know how hardy it is!?


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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

LoFF, have a 7 gallons TT tree on sale for $65.


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I just ordered Hana Gosho Persimmon from them today :)

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I have Tigertooth from which I could collect scions. I don't know how hardy Tigertooth is, but I have had no issues growing them in zone 7A.

I would be interested in getting some Nikita's Gift scions if anyone has them available.

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Jangarden - What varieties of Asia pear and pear do you have for exchange? I have a small sherwood and a strugling GA 866 (might not survive the winter). I also have a hosui ans a shinko asian pear on which I am considering grafting another variety. I have bartlett scions that I will use but I am considering a third variety. My sherwood scions would be rather small in diameter.

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