Dog allergies

jujubean74(5/MO)May 16, 2005

I've been reading through the itchy dog thread, very interesting! I just have a question about my dog. He's 2yrs old, and will put anything in his mouth. Last year he had an episode where his head was swelled up. It was quite a sight, poor guy couldn't open one of his eyes. I took him to the vet, he got a shot and was okay. The vet said he probably got stung by a bee. This year I've noticed that he attacks and chases bees in the yard, and will pick up bugs and spiders in his mouth on the patio. So far he hasn't had another swelling episode, but I know I can't stop him from doing that stuff. I'm wondering if there are any natural ways to deal with allergic reactions (as long as his breathing is okay of coarse) without a trip to the vet and a shot of something that probably isn't good for him. Any suggestions, anyone else deal with this sort of thing? Don't worry, I wouldn't deny him medical care if he needed it ;).

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The reaction your dog had probably wasn't as serious as you thought and he may not be that allergic, its normal to have some swelling from bee stings.He may of just been attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets or something like that and received several stings to the head.I would just let the dog build up a natual resistance to the stings.I'm not really sure giving Antihistamines or anything that prevents the body from building up a resistance is a good idea unless it really is serious and life or death JMO.

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If he was stung by a bee the homeopathic remedy Apis will help, put three on his tongue and make him swallow them. If he is eating fly and spiders I wouldn't worry, makes it less for you to deal with (lol) I have a dog who hates flies and bees always chasing them and eating them. Good! less for me to swat

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Hi my dog keeps eating bees and now she hasnt eaten for 3 days just drinking she has been sick but its just yellow fluid can any1 help thanks

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Minnie, take the dog to the vet!

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