Caring for a peach tree?

southjerseygirlMarch 14, 2013

I bought my house 3 years ago, and there is a peach tree in the back yard (pretty big- almost as tall as my one story house and big around as well). Every year, it has peaches, but I really haven't done anything with them. Last year, I brought some in to work and people loved them! The only issues were that they had little brown spots on them, and they bruised and spoiled really quickly. I'd like to actually do something with the tree this year so we can use the fruit. Unfortunately I have no green thumb whatsoever, and don't even know where to begin! Please help! Thanks :)

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If it is still dormant...spray with an anti-fungal spray. Peach trees have issues with moisture....bigtime. Once the peaches set....thin the fruit when they are the size of a pea. Most trees set way too much fruit.

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It sounds like you might have had bacterial blight. I believe it can be controlled with copper sprayed while the
tree is dormant. I only had this issue twice and never had it again so I am no expert on it.

I would suggest you spray to prevent peach leaf curl but
perhaps is is not an issue in your area. It is for me. I spray in late March while the tree is dormant with chlorothalonil. This controls it nicely. I am attaching a photo so you know what curl looks like if you get it.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Your brown spots are either peach scab or bacterial spot, use Google to help you figure out which and to read up on treatments for the two, and feel free to ask more questions here.


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Thank you all! It looks like what I had was peach scab. I did some research on pruning properly and I will make sure that I remove the excess fruit this year. I also bought a fungicide/insecticide that I will apply every two weeks or so. Looking forward to some good peaches!!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

The best thing I got from this thread was the thinning peaches part. We bought a house, and haven't even moved in yet, but are constantly surprised by what is blooming and here. The peach is healthy, has bloomed, and there are tons of little baby peaches on the tree.

What is the best way to thin? Like do I pinch? Use pruning shears? They are about 1/2" big now.



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Its Peach Leaf Curl. Spray Copper in the fall (after the tree has dropped its leaves) and late winter/early spring, (at bud swell); same time you apply your dormant oil. In the meantime, if you remove the ugly red puckered leaves it will help to alleviate your problem temporarily. Destroy the leaves, do not drop them on the ground and leave them there. The spores of PLC live in the leaf buds. If left untreated you will have diseased and mis-shapen fruit as well. Mrs. G

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Peaches should be pruned heavily also, the branches grow too fast to support the weight of crop they can set.

Here is a video that might help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning peach tree

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That video was very helpful! Thank you so much!

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