Thoughts on Northeast weather

garyt33(5/6)March 18, 2013

We didnâÂÂt get the âÂÂIndian Springâ that devastated last years apple crop and the projected temperatures for the remainder of March are continued cold.Hoping for a nice gradual warm up in April. Is everyone else feeling optimistic as well? I am wondering, given acceptable conditions, how the trees that didnâÂÂt produce last year will respond? Any thoughts?

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Here in New Hampshire the frost only went 4 inches into the ground -at least at my home. This I think will make for a good bulb flowering and more importantly, less severe flooding I'm hopping. All trees and shrubs are looking good and I, like you, will be looking for a large crop of apples.

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Yes, everything looks decent so far! I'll be counting on climbing 30 foot standard apple trees, that were abandoned! Nothings more dissapointing then driving all the way out there, finding out you got nothing! Most of then apples around here are biennial bearing, perhaps because no one thins the fruit... I might try to keep up with them... I'm on top of lake Erie, and I'm waitin for spring weather! Anyways, good luck with the season!!


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In RI we're having a real spring. Even though a 'spring' snow shower is due tonight followed by rain. (not un-typical). Once that happens I really hope the winter is over. The sun angles are so strong, everything that is white that might fall out of the sky melts immediately. My apples have buds that are now reddish. Very exciting. It also looks as of all of my trees planted last spring have made through a fairly nasty and icy winter. Its nice to have the seasons behave like they should.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Things suck up here in Syracuse. No wonder the real estate market is always soft up here. Another *%^& storm today! We've been locked in the freeze for 3 months, with another week at least, to go. Everybody's in a lousy mood waiting for spring. Guess I'll just have to just keep whistling past the graveyard 'til it's over. Poor Eddie ;-/

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Huge apple crop this year, but I wonder if Northern Spy and other late apples will make it. Basically, by the end of this month we will be at a soil temperature point which we usually cross around March 10. The highs for Tu,W,Th are 31,30,32. The long term forecast sees 50+ temperatures only well into April.

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