Cold Sore Lotion

Helen(Blue ridge Mts.)May 23, 2001

I read the page about Cold Sore Remedies & Prevention, and one of the cures it suggests is cold sore lotion, however there is no mention of what type of lotion, how to make it, or where to buy it..

Does anyone know?

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The best thing for cold sore prevention is L-Lysine. Most people who get cold sores get a tingling feeling on you lip before one erupts. Take an L-Lysine tablet, very inexpensive and found in health food stores, as soon as you feel the tingling, take one in the morning one at night for a few days and wa-la, it will never come. Keep it on hand and do it the next time you feel one about to pop up.

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I recently had a cold sore, and not having had more than 1 or 2 before, mine was in full bloom before I figured out what was going on. I did not find out about any lotion, but did read to put about 4-5 drops of tea tree essential oil in 1 T. vodka, and dab it on often. This did help dry it out, though using the Lysine and never getting one would be better. When the cold sore was dried out I switched to a lavender body balm to finish the recovery.

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Lemon balm (melissa) has been proving effective in studies on herpes (which includes cold sores). I use a lemon balm tincture internally and externally to great benefit.

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To piggy back on the L-Lysine response, I have had much success with crushing a lysine tablet and gargling with warm water. For me, it provides next day relief to sores that pop up inside your mouth.

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Thanks to everyone for the answers! This is the first time I have *EVER* prevented a cold sore from erupting.. I held an ice cube (in a plastic bag, so the cold sore doesn't get wet) on it as much as I could when I felt it coming on.. and applied Lysine, and took as many vitamins as I could! Particularly B-complex, and acidophilus.
Would like to add, for anyone else reading this, I've since heard:
avoid eating nuts
Drink PLENTY of water
and of course another cause of cold sores is STRESS so try to relax, do some yoga exercises

Thanks everyone!

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Try putting a little PURE essential oil of lavender on it "neat" (just dab it on. Unless youu are REALLY sensitive you shouldn't have a reaction to it) It also works wonders on blemishes and smells a heckova lot better than tea tree oil!

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I have been plagued with cold sores for over 20 years. I hae tried L-lysine, and astragalus and although the outbreaks have been minimized, they have never gone away completely. I just recently switched to taking 2 capsules/daily of olive leaf extract, and I have several months at a time without an outbreak. This has worked for me.


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hi.. i recently started getting cold sores (thanks to my wonderful boyfriend! GRRR!) anyhow... along with the nuts, i have been reading about causes and L-lysine is apparently an amino acid that inhibits the herpes virus while the amino acid Arginine promotes the growth and reproduction of the virus.... so for all the vegetarians in the world, this comes as even more horrible news than to meat eaters...
it seems that along with nuts, grains, chocolate, peas, seeds, oatmeal and whole wheat products also contain the amino acid Arginine and it is recommended to decrease or eliminate these foods from your diet! that seems pretty ridiculous because i dont really eat much more than that... so.. maybe i will THINK about trying to eat less chocolate, but i am goign to try taking the Lysine supplements as well as eating yogurt, and uping my dosage of B6 B12 and folic acid hopefully in just one B complex supplement...
i also read that in relation to the stress and the general relationship between flare-ups and weakened immune systems, that taking a supplement of golden seal and echinacea is a good idea.. cant hurt anyhow...
I know... soooo much effort for something so bloody little as a sore on the mouth... soooo annoyed i got them! Anyhow,,... hope this helps! peace and love

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Karen, thats what i use as well, and i havent had a cold sore since i started taking olive leaf extract.

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I found this forum by using the Google search engine, in total desperation.

I've been getting cold sores for about 20 years, but usually only one a year. In the last month, I've had three, and the last one is a doozy - two on my top lip and one on my bottom lip and a little one which just started on my chin yesterday! HELP!

I've been using Zovirax and taking L-Lysine but that doesn't seem to be helping.

Any ideas on foods I should specifically avoid? I'm desperate!

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Just my 2 cents, but I have heard that hyssop has been shown to be good against the herpes virus, meaning the sexual kind, but I betcha it would be good against the mouth kind too!

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I have used L-Lysine whenever I feel a cold sore coming on, for years and it has lessened the attacks as well as shortened the attacks. Recently a dental hygenist told me that if the outbreak is in the corner of your mouth, it's most likely a Vitamin B deficiency. I am forever forgetting my multivitamin but I can tell you as soon as I feel a cold sore coming on I start on my multivitamins and the cold sore goes right away.

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To treat cold sores. Catching them early is a key to preventing nasty-looking sores.Keep up the treatment for a day or two after the sore disappears.

Apply frequent dabs of eau-de-cologne, Plum juice, Lemon juice or Tea-tree oil.

Eat Garlic or Ginger root, or apply either to unopened sores.

Chew a piece of Pawpaw leaf and apply to the area.

Drink a cup of Dandelion tea each day until the sore disappears. This is also a good treatment for Shingles.

Apply a little of the gel from a cut Aloe Vera leaf several times a day.

Apply a drop or two of any of the following essential oils several times a day: Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon Balm, Rose, Myrrh, Myrtle, Orange, Oregano, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Thyme.

Rub an ice cube over the cold sore as soon as you feel it coming on. Repeat several times a day.

Apply a lip balm made with Lemon Balm.

Avoid stress as much as possible. (Easier said than done). Annette

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I've been experimenting with this for awhile. I've had the best results alternating applications of zinc oxide and tea tree oil (more zinc in the beginning and overnight, tea tree during the healing).

I'm curious about oil leaf extract, lavender oil, lemon balm and hyssop. Will add those to my arsenal.

I have mixed feeling about L-lysine. I used to take it everyday, then when I'd forget I'd get my cold sore. It seemed to just defer the process. However, eating/drinking more dairy when I'm at risk seems to help (dairy is rich in L-lysine). I'm not a big fan of Orgins makeup--but they do have a good lip balm with L-lysine in it, and an everyday topical application seems to help. There's definately something going on with the proportion of amino acids--lysine and argentine together make a "complete" protein (ie. one that has the right mix of amino acids for humans).

I've tried a couple of the prescription meds. and they're effective at first, but again, it just defers the process. Ditto with Abbreva. Not worth bothering.

And, like everyone else says, stress is a huge factor. Also eating well in general.

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Best "medicine" for cold sores is your own ear wax.

Luck to you
backwater jon

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Kathleen W(9b)

I am just healing from a whopper of a cold sore inside my nose! I know - gross - but I have never had them anywhere else. Now I read here that my pecan binge a couple weeks ago might have helped bring it on :-( I've only ever had maybe 6 of them total this one being the biggest (the pecan binge was pretty big) but it is healing the fastest. I attribute that to me faithfully taking the following in the past 2.5 months: 1000mg C, 1/4 tsp horsetail powder, 1000mg Omega 3 fish oil, 400IU E and one coated aspirin + one coated ibuprophen daily & 50-100mg CoQ10. (Regimen begun for my asthma issues) Just as it appeared I also began echinecha/goldenseal & 2 tabs of a great supplement called Tonic Blend from (too many ingrediants to list but check it out - all very good).

This one healed faster (had less "open sore" time) than any other. I used Zovirax cream 2x daily and a great calendula salve w/eo's of orange, lemon, tangerine 2x daily too.

Whoever actually cures these puppies will make BIG bucks - so small but SOOOO annoying & painful.

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toby5(z5 NY)

Traute: Would appreciate knowing how you make your Cold Sore Lotion as my husband gets outbreaks several times a year.

Please post your recipe for all to benefit. TIA.

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adrianag(AL z7)

Yes, please post it here!

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adrianag(AL z7)

I'm in the process of healing up a cold sore as we speak. I'm using lavender and tea tree oil in addition to Lysine and B-complex.

But for releief from the awful 24-7 pain of the open sore, try this non-herbal stuff called Zilactin. It's like putting a bandaid on it, similar to superglue. The stuff stings like the devil going on, but when it dries into a film, oh what a relief!

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Garlic and Lysine supplements work for me. I normally take both once a day any way (I get mine from Wal-Mart), but if I don't take them for awhile, I'll get cold sores. Also something that has worked for me is drinking milk!! I'm not a big milk drinker, but I've noticed that if I drink milk when I first feel one starting to develop its usually gone by the next day.

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chancygardener(6-NW AR)

It's not herbal...but get another small pox vaccination. It worked for me.

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grannymarsh(z4-5 U.P. MICH)

Cold sores can also be triggered by over exposure to the sun, be sure to wear a sun screen, including wearing it on your lips.

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I used to get the cold sores but I finaly decided to do something about it. I would let it come to a head, erupt, then I would use iodine dabed on it repeatedly until it went into remission. after doing this a few times they never came back.
by the way it burns pretty ......but worth it. my theroy is that it is trying to reproduce when it becomes an open sore.

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littledesertrodent(z1 AK)

I have to say that I have tried just about all of it and my main problem is that sure I can get rid of the darn sore fast and painlessly but if I am under alot of stress(which is about every day) then the darn things just keep coming back until I let at least one cold sore go through its normal phase. I hate that I have to do this but I just haven't found anything that will get rid of the sore and not let any more come back within the next few days(I'm suffering from 2 right now :( One outside on my bottom lip and one inside at almost the same exact place as the one outside!) I've just about given up!

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I found Sparky's Simply Essential reference over a year ago, in relation to Rosacea. I checked it out, liked what I found, and ordered the Skinfix product from New Zealand. It came within days. It immediately cleared up my rosacea acne and redness. A small 70 gram jar lasted me for over one year, with me using very little on my forehead and the lower sides of my nose. I barely touched my finger to the cream, and applied it morning and night. Just last week I ordered my second jar, and I'm going to order an additional jar for my son in Calgary. I too wondered about Sparky promoting this product, but I checked it out because I needed help. That was one of the best decisions, healthwise, I have ever made.

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pafc64(SA Aust)

I know its not herbal but a nurse friend of ours told us about a year ago a soon as you see or feel the blister use a Ventolin inhaler on it and boy you can feel them shrivel and freeze stopping them from getting so big.We also use Lysine
I'm asthmatic so I have an inhaler with me always not real sure if people who aren't asthma sufferers should do this but it helps my family

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I have taken L Lysine for cold sores for years. Prior to taking it, I might end up with several cold sores at once. Now, I take Lysine at the onset of a cold sore and it stops it's spread in it's tracks. It's the best thing I've ever found and I've tried the newest product my dentist gave me for cold sores. It didn't compare to the Lysine.

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Tumper(Lon Eng)

Having found this forum whilst searching on google for herbalism, I was glad to read the advice, and thought i should share my own experience. I have suffered from outbreaks of cold sores ever since my early teens. Around the age of 20 these went from 1-2 per year to 4-5 per year, and seemed to coincide with a very bad period in my life that saw me almost die from bronchial pneumonia, and suffer a fractured vertebrae all in the space of Twelve Months.
On the advice of a naturopath I started eating raw cloves of garlic and shredded ginger. The garlic I swallow finely chopped, straight down with water and lemon. The ginger is much easier to take, in fact I use it in most meals now, and even grate it into my tea. The best topical remedy for the sores I have found is a piece of raw ginger. I squeeze a piece the size of a lima bean until I see the juice appear. I then hold the ginger againt the sore for a few minutes. This stings for a while, but after just a day or so of 3-4 treatments, the improvement is astonishing. after 5 days or the so the sore is normaly gone.

The remarks regarding nuts is very interesting. I dont eat any type of nuts now. I first heard that they may bring attacks on from the same naturopath I mentioned earlier. I noticed in the following few years that every time I ate more than a dozen or so peanuts, or walnuts in a week, I had an outbreak within 10 days.

thanks for all the advice I have read here. I will definetly try many of the suggestion.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

Tea tree oil, tea tree oil , tea tree oil .... a must have for the medicine cabinet.... has always cleared up things like cold sore .... styes (applied carefully!) and cankers as well as a plethra of other things.....

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I have only just discovered this forum through google but I have been on many similar ones in the past and as i have just got one coming then i again searched the web for inspiration.
I have been getting cold sores for longer than i can remember varying from 1-3 times a year along with one of my sisters and mother.
I am of a scientific nature and as such took to this problem with a very analytical view trying different methods and techniques with absolute commitment to ensure whether what I was doing was actually preventing cold sores appearing.
I read all thses different remedies and if i didnt have the problem myself i would be laughing out loud.
I have tried the following all of which didnt work:

L-Lycene (i think) - the one everyone recommends anyway. I overdosed on that stuff taking 1000mg per day which i obtained from the health shop. Maybe they came less frequently, maybe not.did it for 6 months but they still came back.this in my case was not a period of time which i could definately say had increased because of the tablets.

Teatree, lavander, essential oils,etc, (Acetone!) - tried them all and all they do is to dry cold sores up as they are preventing water getting into the cold sore by licking usually, they dont stop them coming in the first place which is the whole point as they look horrible.

Cold - wrote to a bloke in the states about a method he said he had about using liquid Carbon dioxide!!! same thing as the ice cubes but more extreme. again only good when they have actually appeared. forms a scab and still takes over ten days to heal as your lips will inevitably crack and have to heal again therefore taking even longer to heal.

Blister treatment - For a while I treated them like a standard blister and thought they were going a few days quicker. This used to involve steralising a needle (flame) and piercing the blister as it comes up and then removing all the liquid (as usually this is the stuff that body must process in a sterile environment hence the need for the blister before the healing can commence, the idea being that I am doing the job for it). Then once i've squeezed all the liquid out then put aftershave/alcohol/iodine to sterilise the area. might tickle a bit.
I am no longer that convinced and am still not happy with them coming in the first place.

other things that didnt work: chillis, salt plus many other things i just cant remember.

Things that dont seem to make them come on but people say they do.

UV sunlight - I have been travelling around the world and have spent about 2 years in the sun, more than i did before and have had none when i have been in the tropics.

Nuts - I have had a lot of cashew nuts in thailand and never had any problems. I used to eat so many that this would definately have triggered something had it been a factor.

Vegetarian - I am a vegy and when i read things that say this could do it then it makes me worried. So whats the reason for all you carnivores getting them? I dont buy it, I think you've got the same problem I have and it isnt in the meat i dont eat or the vegys that everyone is eating.

Raw food - I spent some time with some Dr's in the states who promote eating rawfood only. They said that coldsores were the effect of "irritation of the digestive tract" and that some people get stomach ulcers, etc and some people get cold sores.
Unfortunately I have proved this cant be the case as after leaving their retreat supposedly healthier than ever after fasting and only eating raw fruit and veg then i got a cold sore. I also think that it will take a while for bad diet to effect you and i have been affected very quickly (days) after being very healthy for months. Dont believe this is the answer.

I'll be honest I havent worked it out but would love to not even for the money but just for me. I have read something about that company from NZ and have asked for them to send me some. money back it reckons so i'll give it a shot even though is 26 pounds to get it here.

Listen to this though:
Within leaving sunny Australia I went to very cold beijing and within a week i had a cold sore.
Left sunny thailand and went to cold UK, within 2 days got a cold sore.
major temperature changes. They always say airconditioning screws with your immune system so maye thins is the same and when the weather changes then we go from trying to stay warm to trying to stay cool and in this period the virus is able to come up.
I always used to get the cold sores in october/november when it gets cold and dark in the UK and if remember rightly now and again when it started getting warmer in the spring.
The weather is changable here especially at the moment and I think this is playing a major part.
what else can be playing a factor when I have been back in the UK for 2days!!!!!????? diet would need longer, infection?possible i guess but its supposed to be only by contact and i dont feel run down and dont have a cold adn have been relaxing in thailand for 3 months. no stress.

Your thoughts on these points would be interesting to me.


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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I too suffer from those nasty cold sores, in fact i have a bad one right now. I was reading all your posts with the different remedies. I actually went out and bought ginger root and garlic today, i ate a couple cloves of garlic and ive put ginger root juice on my cold sore about 5 times today. Someone said that ginger has really good results on cold sores. Has anyone else tried this?

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hello, i have had these horrible things for so long. mine get out of control and huge. i usually get them every month, sometimes having three at a time! its horrible. I have tried Lysine, zovirax, valtrex, tea tree oil- you name it and they work OK but i recently have been turned on to another type of prevention. it sounds crazy but im serious it works, for me at least. I have not had a true break out in about a year. Once you feel it coming, soak a regular tea bag in boiling water, let it cool just a bit- enough to where it wont burn you and place it where the sore is for 20 min. take some ibuprophen to reduce the swelling. then, here is where some pain begins but finger nail polish remover- i put it on some tissue paper and place it on the sore- it burns but leave it on there as long as you can. hydrogen peroxide, if the blisters have appeared will dry it out quickly. and here's the crazy part. when you are going to sleep dab toothpaste on your lips leave it on overnight. you will NOT have a cold sore blow up out of control. it will be gone and manageable within 2 days max. this has worked for me for a whole year which is amazing considering i had them monthly. hope it works for you guys! witch hazel is another good astringent to use so it wont spread. i dont use lotions anymore i try to dry them out as much as possible. hope this is helpful.
take care and smile

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I have had cold sores since i was 10. I would get them 3-4 times a year. I recently found something that has prevented me from getting them for 3 years!!!!

When you start to feel tingling put Camphor Spirit on it. Camphor Spirit is a liquid and you can find it at Walgreens. It is the ONLY thing that has worked in preventing cold sores for me. I read everyones posts and didnt see anyone include this product. Its only 3-5 dollars a bottle. You have to put it on before it breaks out otherwise it wont help after an outbreak.

I hope this helps. Please try it, it prevented many nights in tears.

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i forgot to add that Camphor Spirit is an EXTERNAL ONLY product!!!!!

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I used to get up with cold sores that would ruin the rest of my entire week, sometimes they even change places around the lips for weeks at the time.... So here is what I finally came up to, and it helps me A LOT.
Now I ONLY get it if I slack and don't follow my own routine.


1. I don't scrub my lips or the surround area at all, especially microdermabrasion.

2. I take Lysine.
I take 2 pills 3 times a day preferably on an empty stomach to prevent break out
In case of a break out I take 5 pills every 2 hours IMMEDIATELY, and it has to be on an empty stomach, because it works better this way, and you'll need all the help you can get at that time.
Here is the Link:

3. I use Lemon balm cream from WISEWAYS HERBALS before going to bed every-night (ALL OVER my lips SURROUNDING AREA, especially where I tend to break out) It's a great product.
Here is the link:
Just apply at bedtime to prevent break out.
In case of a break out, I apply the lemon balm cream
B. A lot of it
C. I keep it moist.
D. I use Q-tips & I don't contaminate the jar.

4. I use lipstick with high SPF, and I avoid the sun completely on my face, because the sun is a major factor to trigger the cold sore.

If you get used to that routine, You'll see for the first time that you have control over it, even when you break out.

All the best to everyone.

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arttulip(New Zealand)

This natural Russian product is great for cold sores.
English description is on the bottom of the page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Malavit

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sparrowhawk(z4 ME)

When I took my herbal apprenticeship, I made a salve specifically for cold sores. Actually, I have herpetic whitlow - same virus, different outbreak area.

Anyway, it contains the following: hyssop, echinacea, mullein, lemon balm, and peppermint.

Does it work? No idea! I've been outbreak free since I started taking a daily tincture of lemon balm. That was a year ago.

Also, going along with the dietary connection discussed earlier, I'm attaching an excellent link which breaks down the lysine to arginine ratio of different foods.

Here is a link that might be useful: Herpes diet and nutrition

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I got cold sores from my husband, who keeps swearing it's just from allergies, but it isn't it's herpes, deal with it. Anyway, I found a treatment plan that makes them completely go away, and I own a bed & breakfast, I do not have anything to do with this website. I won't even post it, but you can probably search using herpes, DMSO cream and liquid oxygen and find it. It invloves DMSO Cream and Stabilized Liquid Oxygen, and avoiding certain foods that make your body acidic. I was desperate, or I never would have tried it, but It worked for me, and I needed it. Before that, I felt like a Leper. I made my husband wait on the breakfast guests because I was so ashamed that I had a big honkin sore on my lip while serving food. I also started putting the DMSO cream on my shoulder which I broke 8 years ago, and had loss of range of motion and pain for the 8 years. After about 3 months (yes, it took awhile) I have no pain in that shoulder. My husband rarely has an outbreak, and still insists it's allergies, but whatever. I was getting cold sores about two or three times a month, so for three weeks out of every month, I felt like a leper.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can't stabilize enough o2 in liquid form to have as much of an effect as taking a breath will with out really cold temperatures. From a chemistry stand point it is impossible.

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>> Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can't stabilize enough o2 in liquid form to have as much of an effect as taking a breath will with out really cold temperatures. From a chemistry stand point it is impossible.

Have to agree with you to a large degree. Local applications of peroxide (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) might be useful for cold sores, but that is more due to scouring action of high doses of radical oxygen, which reacts and essentially 'burns' the sore at room temperature and disinfects it.

If oxygen levels of the body are a concern, aerobic exercise or abdominal breathing would do far more than a few drops of some suspect product. There have been some experiments on i.v. peroxide for HIV and other viruses, haven't followed that too closely, and it is definitely not a do-it-yourself treatment. For cold sores, the lysine approach or a flavonoid approach (lemon balm, rosemary, etc) seem more reasonable.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Yeah I guess sometimes people refer to things like H2O2 as stabilized Oxygen, but in general if someone has to use a nomenclatorially forbidden way of saying something that can easily be expressed in a normal and easily understood fashion (like saying DMSO and H2O2) they are probably both obfuscating the true nature of their product and selling something that is utter crap or at least not worth how much they charge.

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Has anyone googled or tried prunella vulgaris [latin name for an herb called Heal all or Self-heal]? Evidently it has become an herb of interest in research for herpes treatment. I was kind of surprised to find no mention of it here at all. You can make an ointment of it by making an herbal oil infusion 1st from the dried herb [fresh can cause mold problems]and adding beeswax to harden to ointment stage. The herb grows wild in my meadow so seems like it could be pretty inexpensive to work up. Thankfully I don't have herpes myself but as one interested in herbs would be interested in hearing if it works for you.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

exactly bren and the crap you're selling is just that. Crap!!! Duh? Who's selling anything? Oh you meant yourself?
herbalstic,you have to forgive bren he's our little brat and don't know better.
Self heal grows everywhere here too and tho i don't have cold sores either, I'll keep it in mind. thanks

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lol thanks for all the posts yall! cold sores suck! gotta big red baby on the outer right tip of my top lip rite now..makes me go into hibernation..thus im here and again thanks for every ones time..i just crushed l-lisene tablets,echinacea,vitamin c,zink,green tea,and fresh garlic mixed with a little olive oil,heated it a little and am cooling it lol wish me luck..hope i dont wake up with no face!! lol

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gardnpondr(Zone 8)

I get these horrid things in the very end of my nose, in the very SAME spot everytime! I look like RUDOLPH when I do! You talk about hurt but it does! This is what's totally weird! Dr. took blood work and says my D3 is too low. I started taking it and broke out with them. Then I finally figured out it was the D3 making me have them. Now my D3 is too low but I can't take the stuff. OK so I start making my own milk kefir for health reasons. Hadn't even thought about milk having vit. D in it. Well about a week into drinking 3/4 cup in the morning and 3/4 cup at night I started getting another cold sore! I was like NOW WHAT is causing it this time? I was racking my brain not even thinking milk had vit. D in it. Then it dawned on me the MILK! UGHHHHH I am taking 6 l-ysine EVERY DAY trying to keep this thing from coming on in my nose and you can see the red red nose on the end even with all these l-syine. ughhhh
SURE wish I could find something that would wipe it out! SICK of these things. Back in the later part of winter I got one in Nov. and kept the thing until like Feb. arg! NOTHING would make it go away. Learned about the ice and started applying that and man that felt soooo good to my poor nose. It just throbs!

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Henry's protocol sounds good, drinking lemon balm tea can help too. In between outbreaks you need to be working on building your immune system. Herpes is a secondary organism, only attacks when the body is already weakened. Nutritious balanced diet, good sleep, moderate activity all contribute, small doses of mild immune building herbs over time are also indicated.

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Lysine is the best for most herpes outbreaks. What works to keep them from happening depends on how your immune system works. Many people get herpes outbreaks from STRESS. For those of you who are talking about peroxide, peroxide is for bacterial problems rather than viral ones. Your immune system makes a form of it to kill bacteria. It isn't useless, because it can get rid of bacteria that can make a sore heal slower. But it isn't for viral problems, and herpes is viral. Also make sure what you have is herpes. This can be done with a blood test these days. There are a lot of interesting things that can make sores, like Pseudomonas, that can be hard to get rid of and spread like crazy to others. I have never tried toothpaste. I rarely have outbreaks. I have read that there are products that help manage diseases even though they aren't antibiotics or antivirals. I believe the article first appeared in Nature years ago. So the toothpaste thing might not be so far fetched. Also brushing your teeth helps get rid of flu virus so it may help with herpes the same way. You can use grapefruit seed extract (8-15 drops in a juice glass of water or juice) to help get rid of the infection or try any number of things. Lysine is the best, though.

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People may be able to limit the effect of triggers causing herpes simplex virus outbreaks, but there's no major established cause like "diet" or "stress" that can be controlled (for example, studies implicating "stress" are lacking). There are many potential triggers including sun and wind exposure, fever, physical injury and so on.

Some herbal-based remedies and supplements may seem to work for certain people (i.e. L-lysine, aspirin, lemon balm) but we don't have adequate studies to establish their value. Claims for "herpes prevention diets" are based on conjecture and anecdote, not hard evidence. Prevention probably works best when you figure what seems to trigger your own attacks and work to limit exposures to those triggers, instead of pursuing Internet-promoted remedies.

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there goes that thread. next!

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Wow, could this thread really be declared over after more than 11 years, just like that? Let's see...

(test message)

Nope, still active. :)

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gardnpondr(Zone 8)

The lysine isn't working for me. I am taking more than the bottle calls for and I STILL have the thing. Going to try the peroxide.

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