rosemary as flea repellent?

novice_2009(zone 6b)May 1, 2010

Read somewhere that you could grind up dried rosemary leaves to a powder, then dust your animal with it, and sprinkle it outside even. It's suppose to act as a flea repellent. Anyone heard of this?

Thinking of trying it on my cat, as it's something I have on hand as opposed to other formulas.

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A lot of strong-smelling herbs, including rosemary, are claimed to repel fleas on dogs, but cats are much more sensitive than dogs and rosemary just might cause fits or other unwanted side-effects. I suggest you talk to your vet about it before trying it.

You'll find this site interesting:

Here is a link that might be useful: fleas, cats and rosemary

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novice_2009(zone 6b)

Thanks daisy. She already had the fleas, so I needed something stronger. I had to get frontline. I was looking for a more gentle alternative...the ones I found had to be applied daily which just isn't possible for me.
Hoping mother nature would help, and I could lay off any poison.
You're right..cats are sensitive to alot of things dogs aren't.

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