catiexcoreMay 8, 2006

On my nose, i have brownheads. They aren't quite blackheads because they are lightbrown, but still very visable. I've tried many things to get rid of them, including squishing them out with eyebrow pluckers (ew, i know) and what comes out is a yellow/whitish, snaky oil? Its fairly solid though. And the next day it's just back again.

Anyway, it bothers me SO much to look in the mirror and only be able to see them. Does anybody have any tips/advice/ideas on how i could get rid of them for good?

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Try steam. Pour some boiling water into a bowl, then cover your head and the bowl with a towel, and lean over so that the steam hits your face. You could add a drop or two of thyme or eucalyptus or lavender oil or tea-tree oil to the water. Then wipe your face over with balls of cotton-wool. You'll be surprised at the amount of gunk and dirt that you'll clean off, that has been clogging up your pores.

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Very often, brownheads (blackheads) are produced because pores that are too large get dirt and sebaceous oil trapped in them. Daisy suggests a steam, which is great, but please make sure to close those pores afterwards, or you are asking for more brownhead trouble. Steam and heat will cause pores to open up. You need to splash cool water on your skin afterwards to close the pores. I also suggest following with a toner after you have splashed cool water. You can choose a commercial one, but witch hazel also works fabulously, is inexpensive and herbal. Or use a mild vinegar. You can infuse the vinegar or witch hazel with herbs if you so desire. Just strain thoroughly before use. Witch hazel and vinegar both help control excess oil.

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Thank you i will try that tonight!

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Umm.. I am new here and I have the same problem too. Mine is somewhat worse, though, as I also have spider veins on my face--particularly on my nostrils (ok, on my legs too, but I guess I should list them under a new thread). So I am afraid that any steam treatment will leave my face worse off. I exfoliate the b-heads every time I shower, but that too leaves my poor skin harassed and stings like hell. Yet if I don't, they really make my nose look like a yucky strawberry. I have large pores and a combination skin, and I am desparate for a solution. Please help!

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