Salvia D.

winterpeg_man(z3a MB)May 13, 2003

Would this be a suitable place to talk about Diviner's sage as I have a few plants and would like to hear other peoples honest oppinions.

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As long as it's about plants (or alternative medicines), I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it.

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You must have to work hard to get them to grow up there...they grow outdoors here and get huge!

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winterpeg_man(z3a MB)

Indoors so far for me growing wise though I am hardening off one to go outside this summer, what have your experiences been, specifically related to dosages and settings.

I have been trying to use Salvia to help me meditate and relax, be one with nature etc.

Has anyone ever tried soaking the leaves in water then drying before smoking to remove some of the harshness. As a reformed smoker/toker my lungs cannot take the harshness they used to, and keeping them healthy is a priority. I have also tried the chewing the fresh leaves method but I find the effects last too long and the leaves are much too bitter.

I have debated on making a little paste out of the leaves and candied ginger to mask the bitterness. Any suggestions.

Do you find soft music tends to disrupt the effects? If anyone wants to discuss this via email feel free to send me a note.

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I have considerable experience on the use of sage by native North Americans, and have lectured on the topic to the Manitoba Herb Society repeatedly. I take it from your ID that you are also a Winnipegger. If you want to know more about the subject, contact me by email.

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I don't really know if you can classify Salvia D. as a is strictly for getting high...
There are two strains, one is Blosser, I forget which one is less is the more expensive strain.
You probably would be able to be more "one with nature" if you weren't high....maybe your lungs are telling you something that you aren't listening to?

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Try using a water pipe to smoke the salvia D, if you don't use one already.

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I wish winterpeg-man would contact me, because I also live in Winnipeg, AKA Winterpeg.

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daisy_dukers(Z3 MB)

Well I have been growing sally for a few years myself, interesting plant though it can be finicky when it comes going from a high rh environment to a low rh envirnoment. I find the best way is to take my cuttings and once they are rooted (I keep my cuttings in a humidity dome) I place them with my other plants in a considerably less humid environment. Out of 10 cuttings I will probably lose 3-4 but the ones that survive put out new veg growth that can withstand the lower rh. Takes about 3-4 weeks to get the babies to the stage where all the leaves that got used to the high rh environment of the humidity dome die off but all the new growth can survive in the low rh environment of my growroom

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daisy_dukers(Z3 MB)

This is an example of what I was talking about..sorry for the poor picture quality.
As you can see all the new growth is a healthy green and climatized to a low RH environment

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Can anyone share their experiences with hardening the plant? I was considering putting one of my plants outdoors this year.

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:( all my plants failed this year I have no S.D does ne one know a good source? I would prefer extract but leaves will do. Thanx email me subject: S.D in Winnipeg

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Hi, I am from Winterpeg too :). I am new to Salvia D., couple of weeks ago I bought 2 plants and they died :( ( over watering or ????)
I need some help/ideas to be more successful next time.
Thank you

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The Salvia forum would be a good place to ask.

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