Blueberries & Cold Snap

nialialeaMarch 26, 2013

I bought two large, sturdy, possibly second or third year rabbiteye blueberries and two smaller southern highbushes about a week ago. The holes are dug and amended with pine bark and peat moss. The bushes are covered with fruit and flowers - was planning on thinning but not removing them all.

Should I plant today or wait for warmer temperatures? It's supposed to be a bit above freezing tonight, then get warmer, but if I don't do it today my next chance won't be until next week.

And I can't buy more with so many obviously waiting, lol. I think I have blueberry fever. Such pretty, useful shrubs!

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Sounds like you should put em' in!

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You don't think they'll be harmed by the cold snap? I guess they can't live in my kitchen forever, although it was sure pretty this morning to come down to a sea of blueberries. :)

Good thing we don't have more varieties nearby, I'm obsessed already.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

It will take a few degrees below freezing to do harm.The leaves may get a little red.They could be put into a somewhat colder room or garage by a window so the transition to outside temperatures won't be as much of a shock. Brady

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Oh, ok, thanks. I wasn't going to bring them in last night but I asked my dearest to bring some bareroot roses in to the garage and he brought in everything but into the kitchen!

I love his initiative. Hope everyone else affected's fruit is doing okay!

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They're fine. I'd recommend watering w/ maxicrop or super seaweed initially to promote root growth ahead of the summer growing season.

What varieties do you have? I'm growing Climax and Brightwell in Houston. Pic of last year's crop.....

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Sorry I missed your reply, I was out planting blueberries! I picked up a Powderblue and a Brightwell at the garden center down by 1960 for $10 each. They had southern highbush but not many (and half the size) and for three times as much. So I got a Sunshine Blue for myself and my MIL.

I'm a little worried now because the spot I put them in gets a lot of light in the morning and in the afternoon -- it's shaded during the middle of the day though. Really exciting to see how well yours are doing!

What did you think of the yield and taste of your varieties? I assumed mine were pollinators for each other but a little more research shows one is listed as a pollinator for the other but not vice versa. Weirdly enough.

Okay, less coffee for me in the morning, hehehe.

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Regarding yields, I planted 2 year old bushes and picked blossoms in their year 3 to speed up growth. So my 1st crop they were 4 years old. We got about 1/2 gallon total. The next year that more than doubled. At least 1 qt from each bush.

Interesting development almost immediately following the recent cold snap. All of our bushes' new growth and fruit suddenly turned purple.

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