When is it too early for a persimmon break dormancy?

wild_foragerMarch 25, 2009

I have a potted japanese persimmon and it appears to be breaking dormancy. At first I assumed this was too early, but now I'm not sure. When is it considered normal for a japanese persimmon to break dormancy? It is almost April after all.

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My kaki persimmons are just about the latest plant I grow to break dormancy, usually near the end of April. They even escaped the Easter freeze of 2007 unscathed, when most things were killed to the ground. Your persimmon is likely early because it is potted. What variety is it?

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I believe it's HiratTanenashi, though it was sold as just Tanenassi. From what I can tell it is literally the worst at dealing with frosts. I'll just have to bring it in every night. Ach!

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Hira Tanenashi and Tanenashi are 2 distinct PCA varieties with Hira Tanenashi earning the reputation for difficulty withstanding spring frosts.

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