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skyecat12(NH)May 19, 2004


I recently have discovered little red bumps on my hand that itch insanely! Along with the itchiness, I am starting to have dandruff which has never happened to me before. I have just recently started using the Neutrogena T/GEL dandruff shampoo, but I don't know exactly what it is I am dealing with on my scalp. Does anyone know? And can anyone know of a "recipe" to help my scalp and rid the itchiness?

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

Here's a bunch of posts that are related. You could also do a search on itchy. Hopefully they'll be some helpful inforamtion. Lynn

Here is a link that might be useful: Scalp search

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selsun blue. Get the strong variety, not the normal stuff. There is another product called multi-tar. It is much more powerful but smells really really bad when it gets wet.

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you have an allergy, stop using neutrogena, the hand head connection could be more than incidental, i have a horrible reaction to fructis!! try soapbark and rosemary rinses instead, they are cleansing, astringent and anti inflammatory. nettle and egg cream works well as a non allergic and soothing conditioner.
good luck...
love ella:)

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If ther only thing you have changed recently is to the nutragena shampoo then that is the problem. Lose it! I agree with the poster above.

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If ditching the shampoo doesn't help with the itchy scalp, you might go to your dr. I had the same problem & it ended up I have psorriasis on my scalp. Only on my scalp, go figure. I use Head & Shoulders shampoo & my dr gave me a steroid gel for when it flairs up. I am looking for some herbal remedies, though, too, that I could use on my scalp w/o smelling like a pasta dish or affecting my hair health or color.

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andy_sa(South Australia)

Check with the doctor first. I was advised all the smelly (chemical-wise) shampoos,tar ointment, etc, when all I needed was a bit of vinegar in the rinse water. Do get your skin looked at first though.

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