Is this an edible mint ?

mymanga(z5 NY)May 24, 2006

I am new to herbs and I recently I got a chocolate mint.

On the same pot, there is another mint. I just read that some mint and not edible for example: Pennyroyal Mint Plant (Mentha pulegium).

Do you know what is this mystery mint ?

Thank you


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yup, looks like pennyroyal to me. Now, I used it for bringing on my period, before I realized that I was entering menopause (:D) didn't kill me... but I wouldn't recommend it, because it IS rather on the toxic side. Good for discouraging fleas.....

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Best not to eat it, and certainly not to use it in medicinal quantities. It's not a herb I like to have in my garden. Just the smell of it can cause animals and people to have seizures and in susceptible cases, that can cause pregnant women to miscarry. It's a very powerful herb.

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