Queen Anns Lace as a Contraceptive

hannahblueMay 28, 2007

OK. On Sunday morning, I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. It was my first time of EVER having sex, and we got a little carried away and didn't use a condom. I am very... ashamed of that I suppose. But anyways, I have heard that Queens Ann's Lace works as a contraceptive.

The thing I'm confused about is when and how to take it. I have QAL seed tincture, but when should I take it? I know it might be a little late for this time, but in the future I really want to know.

The two main ways I've heard is

A) take it eight hours after, and then "for a while as needed" (whatever that means) and

B) during the ovulation period.

SO, I was wondering which is correct. And, this is going to sound really naive, which I guess it is, but I'm not positive when ovulation is. Before or after period?

But anyways I'm just wondering when I should take the QAL, and for how long. Thanks.

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There's an old study which found that Queen Anne's lace had contraceptive activity in less than 40% of the subjects tested.

The subjects in this case were rabbits (which don't seem to care whether they get pregnant or not).

If not getting pregnant is important to you, don't depend on Queen Anne's lace.

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There's only one 100% reliable method of contraception - and that's abstinence!

You have now started a trend. Sex is likely to take place on a regular basis from here on. Both you and your boyfriend need to discuss contraception, together and with someone like a doctor, or a properly qualified herbalist, to find which method of contraception suits you best. Contraception is the responsibility of BOTH partners. Perhaps your partner might consider taking neem. Or perhaps you could each use 'something'. Unless you are prepared to accept a pregnancy and the responsibilities it entails, I think you need to consider something a little more reliable than a herb.

Don't rely on herbs. Any herbs. They might, at best, reduce the likelihood of a pregnancy, but not by much. Some of them work by inducing an abortion - and in most cases, that puts both mother and foetus at risk because of the high doses needed for it to be effective.

If you want to try the QAL, then you need to take the seeds IMMEDIATELY after coitus. Much like the 'morning after pill'. Which means it's a bit late for you this time!

Read the article at the link, then ask yourself just how scientific it is!! (I'll tell you - not scientific at all.)

Did you know that QAL has been used to treat infertility?? Think on that.

Here is a link that might be useful: QAL as a contraceptive

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Ovulation is midway between periods, and you often know it because you may get a little soreness for a day or two, about where you'd imagine your appendix to be, only it alternates sides monthly. You will also get a slightly slimy watery looking discharge at the time.

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Hannah, do a search for Robin Rose Bennett, she is an herbalist in NJ. On her website is more information on using Queen Anne's Lace.

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

You need protection from sexually transmitted disease (STD) as well as protection from pregnancy, only condoms will protect you from both. There is a "morning after pill" that you can get from any doctor, Planned Parenthood clinic or public clinic. You also need to be tested for STDs, including HIV.

Please see a doctor ASAP and buy some condoms for future use.

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