Diuretic Exercise Re: Traute Biogardener

Nickm52May 24, 2011

There is, however, a much more powerful diuretic exercise which you can do easily. I found out about it by fluke after having swollen feet for months. I got cured permanently in one day. Then I remembered the exercise to be a cure used all over Germany. I had just forgotten about it. I have written the incident up as a story and can email it to you on request.

Would you please, send a copy of the story and the exersise?

Thanking you in advance...:-)


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You can try e-mailing her (haven't seen any posts by her in a long time).

Though the odds of a one-day cure for chronic foot swelling using herbs, exercise or any modality are approximately zero.

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There apparently are some Yoga positions that affect the kidneys; I don't know much about Yoga but someone else posting here might.

Also, a family member was told by a physician that lying down (or, apparently, even elevating one's legs) assists the kidneys to operate better.

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Here is a link that will bring you to a Google page providing several links connecting Yoga positions with the kidneys.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Search Link

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Numerous forms of physical exercise (including yoga) may be beneficial in people with kidney ailments (which can contribute to foot swelling).

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