Side Effects from Fematril???

sarasmithMay 8, 2006

I was just wondering if any one has experienced side effects with using Fematril. I have experience very bad Diarrhea. Has this happened to anyone else? IÂve only taken 3 pills but IÂm afraid to continue.

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Try Arginmax, it actually has a published study on its effectiness versus placebo. The ingredients seem safer also.

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One recent article on Arginmax.

It should be mentioned that the published study in question looked at a small group of people and covered a 4-week period.
The individual ingredients (ginkgo, ginseng, damiana and L-arginine (a common amino acid found in food) could probably be found more cheaply on an individual basis, than in the name brand supplement.

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Yes, I had a side effect - constipation. Actually, that was the only effect that I had. That certainly did not enhance my libido.

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