Some good practical herbalism resources?

b_fleetwoodJune 13, 2006

I've lurked on these forums for some time and I am interested in herbalism, but there is a lot of unsubstantiated nonsense about the subject. I don't see herbal medicine as a replacement for modern medicine but I think that modern doctors have a tendency to treat diseases instead of patients and focus on curing diseases instead of preventing them and promoting overall health.

Can anyone provide a reading list for a herbalism newbie with special emphasis on including specific herbs or vegetables in ones normal diet to promote better health the prevention of specific conditions/illness?

Eric_oh, I am particularly interested in any books you might suggest, because of your particular views on the subject of scientifically substantiated herbalism. Though, any resources anyone can provide will be helpful and much appreciated.

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A couple of books you might find interesting and valuable - Steven Foster's "Herbal Renaissance" and "Herbs of Choice" by Varro Tyler are modern appraisals of herbal medicine that take into account research into the effectiveness and safety of herbs.

This thread mentions several good online sources for evaluating botanical remedies. Some of these sources discuss findings on foods/supplements which have been promoted as preventing disease (including lycopene (found in tomatoes), vitamin E, pomegranate juice etc.), some of which are promising and some which haven't lived up to their initial billing.

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Michael Moore's herbal site has a lot of good informaiton.

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Thanks guys i'll check those out.

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also check out David Winston's site, The American Herblists Guild Journal also gives good reading. Herbs for Health is a terrific magazine geared toward edibles for health. The Herb Pharm has some very interesting lectures to download. All these places are very scientifically based, yet with a strong sense of honoring herbal tradition.

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