stomach ulcer

poolboy101(TX, 9)June 24, 2007

I went to the doctor last year for stomach pain and acid reflux. He thought that the stomach pain might have been a ulcer, so he told me he would like to do a scope of my stomach. He did the scope and found a ulcer and a high natal hernia. He gave me nexium to heal the ulcer and stop the acid reflux. It worked and i thought my ulcer was gone. He never asked for a follow up visit. The problem is that the ulcer is back, and it hurts. is there anything I can do other than take meds for a longer period? are there any herds or something that makes it go away?

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

The term is hiatal hernia:

With stomach pain returning you need to see your doctor again to make sure that it is the ulcer again and not stomach cancer or other serious disease.

Often these problems are chronic and require chronic treatment; you may need Nexium or other med for a longer time. There are many self care things you can do like losing weight, eating small meals, reducing smoking and alcohol use and other things. See the link below for info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acid Reflux

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Some doctors believe that ulcers are caused by a specific type of bacteria and treat ulcers with antibiotics. Have you done any research on the subject?

A friend of mine has had a stomach ulcer for more than twenty years. I did a web search for herbal products which might be helpful. I found an herbal blend which was supposed to kill the bacteria associated with stomach ulcers, and also relax a person.

My friend said his ulcer hurt for the first two days he took the herbal product, but then he felt much better. Unfortunately he did not understand that the product was meant to be used as an antibiotic. He did not follow through with the entire dosage for the prescribed period of time. Within a few weeks his ulcer was acting up again. He decided that meant the product had not worked, even though he had not taken the product correctly. He did not want to try it again, thought it was a waste of money.

I paid $17 for a bottle of the herbal preparation, plus shipping. It is my understanding that one should not mention product names on the forum. So I will let you do your own research, if you are interested. I searched on stomach ulcer herbals.

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Ulcers are 99% caused by bacteria and need antibiotics to heal - get another MD!

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