deer like blueberry bushes, right? how much

thomis(7)March 25, 2009

I am planning a spot for some blueberry bushes and I like a spot outside the fence. I am wondering how they rank on the deer's hitlist. If it's futile I need to plan them all inside the fence. Whatcha think?

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They ate mine right down to the ground. Luckily, they recovered and are now netted.

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Where I live, blueberries aren't very high on their list, but they will eat young growth if there isn't much else around to eat (e.g., during the winter). An occasional spray with deer repellant has worked for me.

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Living in the city of Madison, we have more trouble with rabbits feasting on our blueberry shrubs during the winter. They go for the tips of the branches, and they take out many of the buds. One partial solution is to pile snow on the plants, until they are buried. Another prevention is to spray the shrubs with fungicide in the fall, which is supposed to make the branches taste bitter. I haven't done this yet, but after the damage done last winter, I will be out there this fall with a spray bottle. We have several shrubs that lost about 1/2 of the fruiting branches.

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swvirginiadave(z6 VA)

The deer never bothered mine, but the rabbits chewed off the small plants until I fenced them out whith chicken wire fence.

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Deer rarely bother mine, and the pressure is high. They nibble on the ends of the tender new growth a little if food is scarce, but not enough to worry over. Even in 2007 during the extreme drought following the Easter freeze when the deer were starving, they did not do much damage to the blueberries. They did eat everything else that year-even nibbled on my pawpaws.

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