Herbs for earache?

ellenr22June 19, 2009

Started yesterday, in one ear. continues today, not awful screaming pain, but enough to keep it in my consciousness.

I wonder why? No cause that I know of - ie cold, or swimming.

Thinking I should go to my MD and have him check it out, but I'm not going to take any pills he gives me.

Could at least get a diagnosis.

thanks for any idea,


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Does your ear hurt inside, or does it hurt when you touch it outside (in other words, do you know if it's an inner or outer ear infection)?

If it hurts when you touch it, it's most likely an outer infection. If so, take equal parts of vinegar (white is fine) and warm water and drop it into your ear. Let sit for one minute. This kills the bacteria. You can also mix a little rubbing alcohol in it to dry. Repeat 2-3 times a day. If not cleared up in a week, go see a doctor.

If it does not hurt to the touch, but is painful inside, it is most likely an inner infection. Go to your doctor. Immediately.

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