Pink Evening Primrose? St. Johns wort

LindaLou2002(6/Mass)June 23, 2005

I have, what I was told, to be Evening Primrose. But everything that I read says Yellow flowers, Mine are pink. Could it be a different strain? They are pretty, don't get me wrong, but wondering if all of the other seeds I got are not what they are either??

Also when making St. John's wort oil, do the flowers have to be in bloom, or just buds. I can't seem to find many post on making it. I know leaves too, but it is the flower that makes it red. I didn't have flowers last time and no red color :^(

Thank you all. I love it here!!


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OH, And can I add anything to the St. Johns wort oil like Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Balm?

Thanks again

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"Primrose" as a common name applies to a dozen or more species. What is the scientific name?

And what are you using the SJW oil for?

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I am thinking that you have Mexican primrose? Like lazy gardens said, there are a lot of Oenothera's...could be Oenothera speciosa. BUT if they are not yellow, don't use them for medicine. I don't know about St. John's Wort...

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Showy Evening Primrose has pink blooms.

St. John's Wort should be blooming to make the effective medicinal oil. Harvest the top 4-5" of flowering tops (buds and leaves too). Infuse 6 weeks, strain and bottle.

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TY, Actually I was not going to use the Primrose for Medicinal uses, just curious. I did not know there were different ones, just thought Evening and NON evening :^)

St. John's wort oil for cuts scrapes and stuff like that so I was not sure if I could/should add anything else to it.

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Once the evening primrose stops blooming and gets leggy, am I to cut it back to ground level? If so, will it rebloom this year?

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

In my experience, infused oils are rather oily to use on cuts, etc. I infuse the oils, then make it into a salve by adding beeswax. It still is oily, but it says on the skin longer that way. When i make healing balms or salves, I'll use oils of St. John, Calendula, Comfrey, Chickweed, Plantain and other soothing herbs depending on what I have. Then I'll add some Lavendar EO to make it smell better.
The ones you mentioned would be fine, Rosemary Lemon Balm and Lavendar all have some anti-septic qualities.
If your SJW oil does not turn red however, the medicinal qualities will be lessened. If it is fresh, it may take a few weeks to redden up.
And as far as common names on seeds, I do not take a chance by growing seeds for plant I may use medicinally, except from a true herbalist or seed nursery with a good reputation.
In a swap, you never really know what you are getting.
Just my experience speaking.
Enjoy! Lynn

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