hangover cure

shortarse_hedgewitch(8)June 30, 2005

for all those of you out there who sometimes have just a wee bit too much to drink and eng up with a hangover i may be able to help.

i have recently found out that if i have a hangover and feel sick then i have meerly to reach for the green tea.

it sounds a little odd maby but a few weeks ago i had a bad hangover and felt quite sick. i was thirsty and noticed a sachet of green tea, i thought i might try some and hey presto, the queasyness was gone after a 1/4 of the cup. i finished it and when done felt remarkably better.

black tea has a certain effect i found today (was at a friends house and drinking last night and he had no green tea, black tea made me a bit better this morning) but the sickness came back, just finished my green tea and feeling good again. might try adding other herbs to it in future as i head skullcap is good for headache.

anyone else knew this already? got any herbal hangover cures? tried it and found if its just me and doesn't work for you? etc.?

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milk thistle is the best for hangover prevention.... take a couple of milk thistle pills with a glass of water before bed...

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realy? milk thistles?
i'll try thyat some time
if i get hold of some i'll put them into the tea (i'v decided to make a herbal ahngover tea, green tea, skullcap, milk thistle now)

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Some of the symptoms of a hangover are due to dehydration (esp of the brain apparently),so if Ive had a wee bit to much,i make sure that i drink a large glass of warm water (maybe 2 glass)before I go to bed.
You may think you will have to get up during the night to use the bathroom,but I have found that alcohol tends to dry this up.
(interestingly,they used to put alcohol in cough medicine as this would aid in drying up the excess mucas from the cold or flu)
First thing in the morning I also have a warm glass of water,and this usually stops the feelings of a hangover.

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not herbalism but good ole gatorade works. Had to nurse some of my hung over roomates with it, and it got them off the floor and out of the door. I'm sure powerade works just as well though have no experience with it.

though since hangover is caused by dehydration and this is a herbalism forum. pineapple sage in some lemonade would probably work too:)

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thx, i think that some of the power in the green tea is that the drink is mostly hot water. but the fact that tea settles the stomeache its also useful.

so a pint mug of this tea i shall concoct, maby a herb that speeds up absorbtion rates, thought that could be dangerous/lethal e.g. herb makes stuff cross blood brain barrier quicker, *eats chocolate bar* *dies from caffine od on bain*

actualy CO2 in liquids increases absorbtion.

thanks for all the help. and always remember the green tea. it works wonders as i'v tested it again (i just finished my realy important exams, GCSEs, you can't realy blame me)

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

Your simple Green Tea remedy sounds good. I'd avoid experimenting when the body is in such a weakened state however. Using stronger herbs then, including mint tea - can be too much.

Gentle methods, and comfort foods
(when the body is able to tolerate eating again)
are generally best.

After those average mild-to-medium nights of drinking, in addition to rehydrating and taking it easy, I sometimes enjoy a big Taco Salad, heavy on creamy pinto beans and salsa, and light on lettuce.

I also like to break a sweat in the garden and do other physical work o ensure that perspiration and deep breathing - both essential to supporting the kidneys and liver - and the circulation system are able to eliminate toxins and help renew cells.

Moving the large muscles helps push those toxins out of cells and thru lymph channels as well as cappillaries for healthy circulation. Help the flushing process by sipping healthy liquids all day - those that do NOT contain sugars or fructose, as diabetes and blood sugar swings are a risk for many who drink alcohol. You'll recover.

10 ounces of a fresh juice also belongs on our daily liquids list. In addition, smelling then squeezing half a lemon or lime into water (and over foods) daily is an excellent lifeling habit to help prepare digestive juices, and ensure optimum micro-nutritient use and contribute to an alkaline system balance. The lower intestinal bacterial balance could use support after a harsh alcohol experience, so occaisional use of dietary pro-biotics can be helpful.


Choices in alcohol vary widely too.
Darker micro-brews generally are higher in flavinoids and other nutrients than mass-produced and so-called lite-beer. If having mixed drinks - ask the bartender for freshly squeezed fruits as mixers...not syrups.

Many of us in Oregon would *never* drink beer produced from chemically-treated water - when we have more than 30 local breweries using pristine mountain water. Organic beer and wines are also now more widely available - and it is legit to ask a Server what Organic and local choices they offer. Brewed Pear and Apple beverages are also often available...and having a plain soda-lime on ice is a good alternative to alcohol.

Alcohol-poisoning Prevention tips:

Since I get so much wheat in my diet already, and wheat allergies creep in from over-use, I simply avoid HefeWeizens and other wheat beers. In microbrew's, always taste first, before ordering a pint - or glass - of a particular brew.

Ask and respect the difference in alcohol content, and be aware when a Pint Glass is an Imperial Pint - they are LARGER. Keep eating, if you keep drinking. And always ask for water with lemon or lime - and drink it all, with the happy knowledge that you'll feel great tomorrow.

Sip, never gulp any alcohol, and NEVER down shots...you'll enjoy it all JUST as much. Set the glass down between each drink - don't keep it hovering near your face as if it controls your hand. Keep awareness intact for greater control...and agree with friends that you'll remind each other you wanna feel great tomorrow - and to speak up when it may be time to quit, and go for a walk in the open air.

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herbman(norflk england)

Many years ago, when I kept a pub, there used to be small bottles of Underberge bitters which where good. A pint of water before going to bed, as Kevin NSW says, is good.
You might like to try the pririe oyster (I quite like them):mix in a glass; tomatoe juice, raw egg, worstershire sauce with tobasco sauce to tast.

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an excellent homeopathic remedy nux vomica, three tablets under the tongue and better in an hour or so.

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seneca_s(6-7 Idaho)

I'll vouch for the milk thistle too, we take it before we start drinking. I never want to but I make myself drink a glass of water before bed cause my head will hurt if I don't. Will remember the green tea if I need it.

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

I quit drinking to excess. Cured all my hangovers.

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bruggirl100 is right, though that method is the best for avoiding the bad effects its not nearly as fun ;)

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AdelJeff(z5 IA)

But the micro beers and home brews are just too good to stop some nights... I have noticed and have had some others say a Wheat beer (Heffeweisen, Wits, and American Wheats) hangover is worse. Now I don't know if it is just because they are smooth and you drink a couple more than others or is there something to this??? I will have to try the Milk thistle and green tea.

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I am rather fond of meaty red wines.... veritable hangover drink! :o( they taste wonderful, but one has to exercise restraint....:o(

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ah yes, restraint is so much easyer to say and to decide/promise than to do.

and the allure of the homebrew beer, and wine and mead. mead actually doesn't have much of a hangover and tastes wonderfull, but alas takes over a year to make properly
(yes one of my hobbies other than herbs is homebrew)

red wine is famouse for its hangovers yes. thankfully i prefere white wine, i also have a white wine grape vine :)

i cant remember why it is so bad though, is it the tyramine?
[one quick google later] yeah its tyramine that makes red wine quite such a potent hangover.

i'm sure i heard something about tyramine recently about reversing its effects. either way its a vasodilator and i don't know how that efects headaches.

aparently asprin before drinking redwine can stop the headache

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AdelJeff(z5 IA)

Oh yes the Cab's are killers for hang overs, but a bit to heavy for the summer for me anyway. I have only had a few meads and only one I thought was very good. I might have to check those out more if no hangover's attached... Ha ha Glad to hear there is other homebrewer's here. I don't have enough carboys to set aside for wine making but one of these years. I will remember the asprin before drinking and try that for wine. I always try to drink several glasses of water before bed also.

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not enough carboyts used to be my problem, but recently a friend of mine ata car boot sale found something really good
for 10 11 carboys, 9 airlocks and a corker with a siphony thing

now i have enogh carboys :) to make delicious herbal wines, woo, combo time. either way long story short hangovers suck we must fight THEM

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Kevin_nsw is right. Most hangovers are due to dehydration. As are most headaches.

I know it might put a kink in "party night", but if you manage to drink a glass of water every now and then in between drinks (cocktails), you will find that you won't be so hung-over in the morning, if at all. It really works. It won't kill your buzz.

All the other remedies are less effective if at all effective, IMHO. It's dehydration from the alcohol. Your body is telling you...you need water. But by the time you realize it, you're suffering the symptoms...a hang-over. The time to deal with it is when you're ingesting the alcohol. Take the time and drink some water in between cocktails. You'll be amazed. And though you may have to get up and use to bathroom during the evening, drink plenty of water before going to bed, as well.

And NO, the ICE in the cocktail doesn't count! LOL!

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The water is the key. Every third drink should be a tall glass of H2O, with another one before bed. And always downgrade, never up: liquor -> wine -> beer

That one shot at midnight will hurt you worse than everything else put together.

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I have found an even more wonderful and effective hangover cure that has never once failed me: prevention. Drink responsibly, friends. Limit yourself, rehydrate, and don't go to sleep buzzed.

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Amazing Grass is worth a try. I read somewhere that it alkalizes the body after the alcohol turns it more acidic. I've tried it and it does seem to help!

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Whatever "Amazing Grass" does, it does not alkalize the body, nor does drinking turn you acidic.

Body pH is maintained within very tight limits by physiologic processes, mainly involving the lungs and kidneys. This homeostasis is essential for normal metabolism; if the foods or liquids we consume were capable of inducing wide pH swings, we'd be dead in short order.

Anytime you hear a practitioner or supplement marketer claiming that their treatments/products "restore pH balance" or "alkalize the body" it's a sure sign they do not understand human physiology.

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Just don't drink that garbage to begin with! if you do want to lose reality for a while, make a alcohol herbal tincture. very medicinal, and it is healthy, no hangover. Although youcannot drink to much because the herbs well make you puke more than the alcohol. It is very cleansing! Drink herbal tea or fruit juice. Self discipline is key.


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Though alcohol cheers up, overindulgence turns into malady. Alcohol hangover often results when you drink to the point of intoxication. When itâs the time for a party and celebration, going frenzied is quite obvious!

Due to hangover, people end up with a combination of woes ranging from headache, nausea, upset stomach, dehydration, food aversion and diarrhea to fatigue. Thus, hangover creates a huge mayhem in your life, at least for a day.
But if you are aware of some remedies to cure a hangover, you can probably help one or PartySmart Capsules Is The Perfect Herbal Remedy For A Horrendous Alcohol Hangover yourself recover earlier and start with normal work. There are many natural and folk cures that are supposed to stock up lost nutrients and help with a quick recovery. Well, instead of recollecting those remedies, wonât it be a better option to keep a tablet or capsule handy and just pop it up when symptoms are too agonizing?

PartySmart capsule from Himalaya is an herbal pill prepared with a number of natural herbs that provides a best natural herbal remedy for hangover. The constitution and activity of Ayurvedic herbs will offer a better morning after to heavy drinkers

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Over the years, I've found only one CURE for a hangover: moderation and abstinence.


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Thanks hedgewitch for the tip on green tea. I will definitely be trying that next time.
For me water before bed only makes me get up more in the middle of the night to pee. The only way water helps me is if i make sure to drink one glass of water for every drink I'm having while I'm drinking.
If i forget to maintain one glass o water per drink, i usually take an aspirin or two before bed and wake up feeling great and without regret. Not herbal, but its easy, cheap, effective and reliable.

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jutsFL(9b (Orlando))

Not too sure if milk thistle will help with a hangover, but there are many published studies that show the liver protective power of the herb. The protection mainly stems from the active antioxidant silymarin which is concentrated in the milk thistle supplements. It's use (to my knowledge) has been proven in mushroom poisonings, protecting the liver cells in the detoxification process. It's effects on alcoholic cirrhosis damage are promising, but need further research according to authorities on the subject - such as the Mayo Clinic. Either way, I myself do indeed take milk thistle on a daily basis. There has been no detrimental research on the herb that I have come across (besides stomach upset in some individuals, which is common with most anything), so I've opted in ;)

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