Rose petals or rose hips?

twoboysformomJune 13, 2007

The rose bush at the edge of my property is blooming beautifully right now. I have taken some petals and put them into a jar with cider vinegar and yarrow as a sunburn soak. The recipe was in a mag I bought (I think Herb Quarterly).

My question is should I deadhead the rose bush or let it form the hips? Will I have more use for petals or hips?

I am new to herbalism and would like to keep the more beneficial form.

ALso, rose petals, should I put them into oil or water to keep for future use?

I appreciate any and all help you can provide.



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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Only you can know whether you will have more use for petals or hips. Hips are used for tea, are you more likely to use the sunburn remedy or drink tea?

You can have both. As the flowers fade, gently collect the petals by knocking them from the flower, leaving the flower stem intact. The hips will form if you do not cut the flower but simply pick the petals.

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