Nasty Rose Water?

twoboysformomJune 18, 2007

I tried distilling some rose water today. It stinks. Literally. Putrid, it will be thrown out.

I took a large pot, put a brick in the bottom, surrounded it with rose petals and filled it with water to just over the brick. Then I put a heat safe glass bowl on the brick and inverted the lid on the pot and put ice in the lid. I emptied it often and replaced the ice when melted.

Does anyone have any idea what I did wrong? Did I use the wrong type of pan? Could my rose petals have been nasty? Is it possible to use the wrong type of rose?

I appreciate any ideas you may have. I have more rose petals, but will not be trying anything else until I change something. Thanks.

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was the large pot aluminum? You might have distilled something that was in the brick too. That will mess things up. I have never heard of people distilling that way... interesting!

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