Montmorency Cherry - sucker shoots at the base

jollyrd(Richmond VA)March 28, 2013

There are 2-3 sucker shoots at the base of our Montmorency Cherry (5 years old, healthy tree). They are about 2ft long and have buds on them. They are coming out of the ground, or below ground - not from the visible part of the trunk. They came out last season and I let them be. Would you think it possible to cut them off below ground level, put them in some rooting material and expect to grow a tree from them at some point? If so, what "rooting material" would you suggest I try?

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How close to the trunk are they? If there are a foot or more I would use a sharp spade to sever the connection to the main tree and then leave it a lone for a few months and let the now independent tree grow some more roots before digging it out and transplanting late winter/early spring.

I'm assuming your tree is grafted and what you'll get is another rootstock ready to be grafted.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

Thanks, murky. That's an interesting idea and I will definately try it. I know Motmorency does not need cross polinator, but I sure cannot pass a chance of getting a second tree for FREE

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