Wild Herb Harvesting

rockguy(7a)June 27, 2011

What wild herbs are you harvesting now, in June? Please give approx location or zone or something. We are about done with Poke Salad, getting too big.

Most of the shade-growing perennial medicinals will be ready with the Gensing season, legally mandated to begin in August.

zone 6b. Tn just west of Nashville a ways.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

More northerly here in Western NY State. This is my time of the season to focus on the veggie garden and not herbs. But in another month when the veggie garden is on auto-pilot except for harvesting and weeding with the occasional watering, I'll begin to harvest herbs and start seed-saving. That will go through the fall.

Most of my wildcrafting is of non-native "weeds" or natives that have very secure and robust populations - which counts out too many of the "shade-growing perennial medicinals" here. Loss of habitat is a very huge concern. It's all turned into housing here. Even farmland is vanishing quickly. When speaking about wild herbs to people I encourage people to plant the native plants they wish to use, practice stewardship, and use more common plants in the herbal remedies. Sorry, I guess I can't share the cool and rare stuff I'm picking with you because I never do that. It's all stuff I've grown (native & not), mundane "weeds" like dandelion, or common wild plants like wild strawberry (leaf).


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The loss of habitat for wild things is bad here too, and sad. Luckily some of the wild herby plants thrive "on the verge" so they do well in disturbed areas, at the edge of fields and fence-rows etc. When I do go out hunting the wild plants, I never know what I'll find so have to have bags and twine and a knife and something to dig with, almost too much gear, lol. I allow any that come up in the yard to grow in place, adds to the clutter, but so what?

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