Training a grape vine to a second floor deck

fatima7March 8, 2012

Hello! We are renting for a few years and I would like to grow grapes. We live on the second floor and we have a south facing second floor deck, but we are also allowed to garden in a partially shaded (a few hours of afternoon sun) back yard. There is a bed on the ground below our deck and I was wondering how hard it would be to train the vine to grow up to the deck. The deck is in full sun.

My question is, what kind of support should I be thinking of to help the vine get up to the deck? The first floor deck is partially shaded by evergreens so the vine would need to grow closer to the house. Would a wire stretched between the ground and the deck work? Would I need a couple of wires then?

How should I secure the wire to the ground? Is it okay for the vine to be in shade for the first 5 or 6 feet up, if above that is full sun?

Thank you for any advice about this situation! It may not be possible...

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You may want to contact the landlord first. Once established, its very difficult to remove a grape vine, they root like crazy. Landlord may not want a vine growing up their deck that they can't get rid of with anything short of a truck with a tow chain.

Also, odds are you would be getting the vine fairly small, and they only grow at the rate of a few feet a year. By the time you could get it to grow up high enough to reach the full sun of the deck and start producing fruit, it may already be time for you to move again. Grapes can take upwards of a decade to really mature and get in their stride and can live for well over a century, they're not really a good choice for a fast growing temporary plant.

Perhaps you could try something a little faster growing and a little less permanent? Maybe a blueberry bush in a large container? Those will last years, give you lots of fresh fruit, and best of all when you move you can take them with you.

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What about just growing one in a large container?

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Usually not recommended, again because of the massive root systems mature grapes tend to grow. From what I've seen, a minimum of 6'/1m of soil is required for healthy grapes, with the roots easily able to grow twice that deep or more while spreading out like a fan.

Basically, a grape vine big enough to climb up to that deck is going to have a root system like a small to medium sized tree.

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Fruitnut grows them in containers....maybe he'll share his results with you or you could search the forum

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If you want a vine but find out you can't have grapes, since they anchor to walls, if I recall. You might look into passion fruit vines, they grow fast, produce fruit, and offer coverage.

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