animal? eating branches?

johndoug(z6 Philly)March 29, 2014

i first noticed on my blueberry, but then noticed on holly and rose bushes. the strangest thing. clean cuts on branches 20 inches and below. i mean like a sharp knife cut through the branches. must be some animal that shears the branches off with their sharp teeth. i also saw some some abrasions on bark, that look like what antler rub would look like on a big tree, but these are pencil size branches.

at first, the only thing that came to mind was someone snuck in to my property with pruning shears and just had at it cutting off all my lateral branches from the stem. but that didn't make much sense.

the only other piece to the puzzle is one evening, and one evening only, it was maybe 5 oclock, a little overcast but plenty light out, a racoon came over to my house. i was standing there, and it kept walking close to the house, not scared at all of me.

my yard is fenced in, but there are spots between the grass and the fence were there is a good 12-iinches gap. deer can't get in, but other things can.

has anyone seen this before? the knifecut shearing of branches? thanks,

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Mr. Rabbit. If you look around under those bushes and you will find a bunch of small round of fecal materials. They broke my heart many times by slicing my newly grafts right in half and ate the whole scion with fresh leaves. I used fresh cut apple in a live trap to get them. Some of them are huge with a very sharp teeth.


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Johndoug, You haven't seen anything until I learn t send pics! Rabbits destroyed at least 60 trees (apple). I'am not sure they will recover. I have discovered that they like Honey Crisp 10 to 1.

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jagchaser(5A NE, -15-115f may frost)

Rabbits no doubt. I cant control them with the boy shooting at them or the dogs. I gave up and wrap everything with a short piece of 18in wide chicken wire. If they aren't wrapped they will be girdled or chewed clean off within a week.

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