mints what are they good for and any ideas??

rhashell(5 southeast IN)June 27, 2011

I have tons of mints






I also have







lemon balm

I need ideas and recipes to make the most uses of them

I do sell at market and also thru a CSA

I have gallons of dryed bags this year

Please send me your ideas

Thanks so much!!!!!

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mints...what are they good for
absolutely nothing
say it again

Actually, you could start with pastry and drink flavoring (including of course mint tea), mint jelly and so on.

Some people report relief from intestinal gas/bloating with peppermint tea (there are also reports that it could worsen gastrointestinal reflux, especially in excess).

Plenty of folklore uses for mints including soothing effects on those with fever (Euell Gibbons had a whole chapter on mint in one of his books as I recall, with recipes).

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The Chinese use mints for antibiotic formulas in mixtures with other herbs. Basil, thyme, and oregano are also antibiotic, and the sauces with them in there were originally meant to keep the sauce from going bad so fast. Thyme tea can be used to get rid of cradle cap (yeast infection on babies). The tea is also good for sore throats. You can look up amounts for Italian pasta sauces and make them with basil, thyme, oregano, and other herbs. Mint tea is good for your breath and for digestion. These teas are not much in themselves, the idea is how you market them. You can look up the various herbs online and market them as aids for all kinds of things, as these herbs have been used for just about anything you can think of in Europe at one time or another.

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