Apple tree pollinators

Gracie67March 9, 2014

Hello, I'm new to this forum, and originally posted my question in the tree thread, before I was directed here.

I'm planning to plant three apple trees this spring - and have never planted a tree before in my life! I have already ordered a Golden Russet, and my other choices at the moment are Chestnut Crab and James Grieve. I know that the crab is a good pollinator - but I'm confused by the flowering categories. The russet is flowering group 2, and the grieve is flowering group 3. All I can find out about the crab is that it flowers early to mid may.

Can anyone let me know if these three trees are a good match?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I have Chestnut, most apples overlap flowering period, shouldn't worry, especially when you have neighbors up to a mile away.

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I am new to fruit also so I am going through this too. My understanding is the groups is just the time frame in which they bloom. A crabapple blooms for an extended period so they say they pollinate everything. Another good apple pollinator is Golden Delicious it is partiallly self pollinating. Some apple trees are triploids and require two other trees to pollinate. If you don't want a crabapple maybe try a 2 x 1 or 3 x 1 tree. So you can really mix it up.

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