Pheasants lare hungry and ike the crabapples

oldryderMarch 18, 2013

Got a few crabapples for pollination in my yard. We have very heavy snow cover for this late in the season. I have seen as many as three pheasant roosters in my trees at once. pretty cool!

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Lucky pheasants!

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That's fun, I miss seeing pheasants...miss eating them more.

do they fall out of the trees?

around here we have a "problem" with cedar waxwings eating the fermented crabapples late in winter....they get loaded, some fall to the ground, some fly about erratically and miss their provides good amusement at a local library with 3 big trees and a well placed window.

I was skeptical when I first heard of it, but a local wildlife biologist confirmed that it is a common phenomena.

I suspect it is variety dependent...they must need a pretty high brix to get any significant alcohol build up.

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When I lived in California, in september, year after year, birds would hit my windows, and only in September. Sometimes I would get home from work and find a dead one under the patio door. And everyone was convinced that they were drunk from Pyracantha berries. I ended up believing it too.

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Update! FIVE roosters at once. -12F last nite. I think they're getting pretty hungry so I'm going throw out some mixed grains chicken feed for them. I have seen them fall from the tree but pheasant roosters are pretty clumsy flyers.

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