Straight trunks coming up next to main trunk.

Suzi AKA DesertDanceMarch 16, 2013

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but we recently purchased a very neglected property with various fruit and other trees.

The previous owner gave me a fast overview of what is there, and I believe that the apricot has multiple trunks, and I think some must be suckers. I would assume these could be used as root stock eventually, but they are loaded with blossoms, like the main tree, and I'm wondering what the quality of fruit will be like. The main tree and suckers are about 20' high, and the suckers are about 2-3" in diameter.

I welcome your input. I'll try to get photos next week. We are back and forth between two houses during the remodel.



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I have not seen Apricot grown on its own root but it is possible. I would wait now and see what, if any fruit is on the suckers. Apricots are normally pruned mid summer for disease prevention anyway, so I would plan on removing them at that time. Al

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alan haigh

I assume you mean these additional "trees" are coming out of the ground below the graft union. Are blossoms identical? Most common rootstock for apricots and prone to suckering is Myrobolan which will produce fruit you are unlikely to be fond of.

Experimentation is fine but I wouldn't let them crowd the intended scion tree.

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