Blue Berry leave turn white

olympia_gardener(5)March 27, 2012

Someone may have already posted the problem and get answers before because this is a common problem of growing the blue berry bushes. If there is answer somewhere, please point me to the link.

I bought a dozen blue berry bushes last year. I planted 10 in the ground and have two left in the container, very large container. In the summer one of the blue berry bush's leaves started to go pale, and the new grow is in neon pink! I went on-line and google it. I learned that this might be soil PH too high, not acidic enough. So I put some chemical I bought in the store to lower the soill PH. But the problem persisted, I put some more chemical, evern more, still, by the end of last fall, the leaves were still pale yellow/white. The bush is still alive now, and the leaves are about to grow. I try to find a cure so its leaves will look healthy again.

My question is should I continue to add more chemical to lower soil PH or I have some other problem, not soil PH issue? It seems to me, I had put quite a lot of chemical in the container to lower the soil PH. Will too low of soil PH cause blue berry leaves turn white as well??

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


What chemical are you applying?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

I'm with Fruitnut..what chemical? Also.....

do you know what the native soil PH is in your area?

What did you plant them in...just the native soil or did you amend the soil?

Have you fertilized them and if so with what?

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It is ... something sulfur that I bought a bag at Home Depot. It is said to lower soil pH level for plants like Azaleas, blue berry, etc..

The bush is in nursary container , not on the ground.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL) the 10 bushes you planted in the ground are ok it is just the two in the pots that are the problem?

If the product was elemental sulfur it takes months for the sulfur to work to fully acidify the soil. Are these still in the pots you bought them in and if not and you repotted them what did you use as the potting mix? I would not give them anymore sulfur for now. Have you fertilized the plants?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Sulfur takes up to a year to react. So you had better not apply anymore until what you have applied has time to do it's thing. Too much can lower pH too far and cause toxicity of some micronutrients.

I'd wait until they leaf out and see what they look like. You may need to apply a faster acting material until the sulfur kicks in. But be cautious about applying anything else that will lower pH. The plants don't have to look perfect right away. The sulfur should get you headed in the right direction.

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Bamboo, the rest of the plants are all healty and are blooming. Only one of two bushes in the nursary container has this problem.
Maybe I should give the sulfur time to work itself in the soil . Thanks a lot for you and Fruitnut's help.

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