Locating Blueberry Varieties Near Magnolia, Texas

magnoliamuscleheadMarch 3, 2014

Hi Blueberry Growers

I have prepared several raised beds for blueberries and have recently planted eleven bushes, largely based upon what I have seen Blueboy and others recommend for this area.
I am still looking for Brightwell, Sweetcrisp, and Snowchaser varieties that you all recommended but can't seem to find them at the local area nurseries (Arbor Gate, Calendar Garden, Houston Garden Center).
Any suggestions for finding these in the Houston, Tx. area?

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You just missed the Urban Harvest Fruit Tree Sale that had all those varieties except SnowChaser. I believe Brightwell is pretty common as Ive seen it in several nurserys here on the south side of Htown. You can take your chances with Florida Hill Nursery for the Snowchaser. Thats where mine came from. Sweetcrisp seems hard to locate lately. Some one will chim in with a heads up on Sweetcrisp. Remember if you get a rabbiteye you need a couple varieties for cross pollination. Just Fruits and Exotics has the best selection of rabbiteyes that Ive seen from a nursery. Good luck on your growing and keep us posted!

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I think they have what need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hudson Fa. sweet crisp snow chaser

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