cross-pollination of apricots and peaches

jag_bluefield(7)March 9, 2013

Last spring I planted a Tomcot, after doing some searches here and seeing them recommended. I put it on the north side of my house to delay blooming, and it appears to have worked. We had a very warm Jan followed by a cold Feb, but it managed to stay dormant in Jan. It now has buds that are just on the verge of opening. I have an Elberta peach on the other side of the house (south-facing slope), and its buds appear to be at about the same stage (although they are more internally consistent in stage throughout all the branches). So it appears that they're going to bloom at the same time. I have gotten peaches the past two years, so I'm optimistic about getting apricots. Tomcots are partially self-fruitful, and I'm wondering if the peach tree will pollinate the tomcot to increase yield. Also, will the tomcot pollinate the peach tree?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Yes its possible, but probably unlikely? I have no idea. I know Zaiger and those other folks who make new pluots and apriums and peachcots are basically doing this, but I'm not sure of the success rate when crossing peaches and apricots. I will say the only way to know for sure is to grow out the fruit, plant the seed, wait a few years until they fruit and then see what you get! No matter what, you should be fine...if you want to be more sure, with the Tomcot, bud another variety on to the tree... I have probably 10 varieties of stonefruit on my Puget Gold..if not more.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You can't rely on those to pollinate each other. I'm no expert on this subject but I doubt that they would cross at all. The interspecific crosses aren't all that easy to make.

The peach is fully self fertile and Tomcot is self fertile enough to set a crop. Peaches are wind pollinated and apricot will benefit from a few bees. But I don't think Tomcot needs another pollen source.

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What about my lone Harglow? Is there any hope it will set a crop by itself (i.e. without cross-pollination) to feed the OFM's and brownrot?

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Dear Cousinfloyd, I had a Harglow I lost in Hurricane Sandy (last Oct). So I ordered another, and a Tomcot as well. I thought having both might speed up the process of better cross pollination. I had my Harglow for four years. Last summer it finally set four fruit. They were very small and beyond sour. The only reason I bought another was to help the pollination of my TomCot, which I am very excited about given the reviews of that apricot in this forum. My Harglow would set many small fruit, then one to five at a time would drop. I was really not sorry to see the tree go afterall. Mrs. G

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Wow franktank,ten varieties!I thought my Puget Gold has a lot with four Plums. Brady

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