"Red Lee Plum" Need Info/Help?

whiteRhino(8b)March 11, 2013

I picked up a nice 2yr old plum from the discount area at a big box store yesterday. It's tagged for retail as a generic red plum but also has a nursery tag that simply states "Red Lee Plum." There was a similar one marked "Yellow Lee Plum." All of my searches so far have only turned up Red Lee Cherry, no plum.

This is my first plum tree. The tag says it requires no pollinator, but I thought all plums do? I've been looking at Chickasaw (they're native here) and Purple Leaf (for ornamental purposes, and I'm aware of their "problems") plums recently also and would like to know if either of these would be suitable as pollinators.

Anyone know how I can figure out more details on this tree regarding ripening season, etc?

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