allergies and sinuses running

zzackey(8b GA)June 7, 2011

I am highly allergic to something in my house or outside. My nose is constantly running. I have sinus pressure and sinus headaches 24/7. Any ideas what herbs could help me?

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

In all honesty, try to figure out what is making you suffer and if it is something you can address, do so. I mean, if it is say, old carpeting in the house, get rid of it. Or those flowering bushes by the front door, dig them up and give them away. It will be so much more effective and better for you if you can address the cause and not the symptom.

If it isn't something you can help, like spring pollen, then look for some simple short-term relief. Stinging nettle and netti pots are my favorites for allergy relief but like over-the-counter medications, learn safe and proper usage as well as any drawbacks and warnings before using.


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night_scented_stock(S England)

Yeah, try and find the cause. Meanwhile, Echinacea is very good for that sort of thing.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I have tried the neti pot with no success. I've taken Echinecea, but maybe not long enough. Thanks for the advice. I can't afford to rip the carpet up and replace it right now. I'd love to have a house without carpet!

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I can feel your pain. I got balloon sinuplasty done by my ear, nose and throat doctor in Houston and it's all so much better now. The feeling of the stuffy nose and being unable to breath was just horrible. My friend uses spring pollen and I gave it a try from her but didn't work. If none of the natural things work you might want to go for the surgery as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinus Doctor Houston

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Figuring out what is causing the problem is important. Is it seasonal or all the time? Is it just at home or do you experience it all the time? Does it go away if you keep the windows closed? Do you have pets? Is there a damp area such as the basement that might cause mildew in your house? Are there some areas of the house that are worse than others? Is there something in your diet that might be causing symptoms (for some folks dairy is a trigger, among other things.) Try keeping a daily diary noting when the symptoms come and go.

I know this isn't herbal, but a HEPA filter in your bedroom and dust mite covers on pillow and mattress may help give you relief for sleeping. Steam cleaning the carpet or ripping up the carpet and painting the subfloor as a temporary measure will help if you are really desperate and it turns out you are allergic to things caught in the carpet.

I tried the herbal route for a bit, but didn't find it helped at all to decrease my misery although herbs have helped with other issues. I found that avoiding the things that triggered allergies was most important. DH mows the lawn with all the windows in the house closed and when I will be gone for at least 6 hours. I wear clothing that minimizes skin contact with plants I am sensitive to when I work in the garden. I don't hang clothing on the outdoor line during pollen season. There is a dehumidifier in the cellar and we use the bathroom vent fan during showers and after for several minutes until the humidity has cleared out. Pets don't go upstairs where the bedrooms are, and there are no carpets anywhere in the house.

This view may not be popular on this forum, but I have ended up finding a good allergist who did testing and shots and found medications that work to control symptoms without side effects. Courtesy of the shots, I am no longer allergic to many of the things that used to cause misery, rarely experience more than minor symptoms, and have decreased the number of sinus and ear infections to less than 1 per year, so relief is possible.

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do you eat gluten or dairy food? if so, try eliminating one of these at a time for a week or two and see if your sinus issue improves. this does it for many.

cleaning up your home environ as one poster suggested is also a great idea...mold under a carpet, in air vents or something similar could be a trigger

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Air conditioners can be helpful as long as their filters are kept clean, too.

Additionally, Nasalcrom really works, but you have to start using it several weeks or more prior to allergy season. It is not the typical kind of nasal spray that causes worse problems; it is a salt that helps "toughen" the nasal passages.

If cold germs make your condition worse, try Zicam zinc tablets. I have found that using only a fourth of a tablet can be helpful in staving things off.

Meanwhile, of course, you can try some of the popular herbal tea herbs such as peppermint or sage, which are mildly antibiotic and will assist a bit in staving off secondary infections your irritated nasal passages leave you open to. Thyme and oregano can also be helpful, as well as eucalyptus. Make certain to inhale some of the hot vapors.

The expectorant guaifenesin in Robitussin and similar preparations is also plant based.

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There are quite a few references to natural antihistamines in Google--

The page referenced below lists about 10 herbs you might find helpful, with a bit of information about each one. Anise, fennel, cardamon, parsley and ginger are among those listed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Remedies Haven

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Oh, and if nothing helps a trip to an ear, nose, and throat doctor might not be a bad idea. Many of them sill also do allergy shots; hold out for one that will.

Some sort of sinus infection is always a possibility. If you have a temperature, suspect that.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I've been to the ENT and had the allergy tests. I'm only allergic to dust mites. I don't see why that would cause sinus problems. No temperature. I've had this problem since we moved here from Florida in 2006.

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The higher humidity in Florida could be part of your problem!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dust Mite Control

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zzackey(8b GA)

I wish that were so. I was fine when I lived in Vero Beach, Fl. Now I live just over the border in Ga and I am suffering.

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