Where did Henriette's Herbal Homepage Medicinal on line go?

lasmt(Z 4-3 MT)June 3, 2006

It comes up in all my googles etc. Henriette's Herbal Homepage Medicinal leads to her .com. But it's not coming up. Please if anyone knows what has happened to it let us all know. This site was extensive on information on plants and also recipes and how herb's worked etc. A huge wealth of information that has gone poof!

(Henriette's Herbal Homepage - FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about culinary and medicinal herbs, herbal)

This is the link that will not come up.


I hope it's not gone so someone can make a book instead.

One case where the hard copy is not going to subsitute for this site.

Thanks, las in Libby MT

I'm also searching for any recipes or ingredients on old Denver Mud jars that were made by Watkins etc. prior to early 70's.

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i put that web addres in my browser and it came right up.

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No problems for me either.

Here is a link that might be useful: henriette's herbal

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Came up for me just fine too

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